Stain Glass Windows

by Garrett
(Detroit Michigan)

In 1980 to 1995, I have made stain glass windows, smaller lamps and some mirror designs.

After I retired in 2006 to now it has been very little but still have a passion to get back to the hobby that once paid for itself.

I have tried using slice rock and metal that gives more of a three dimensional look, If there is anyone that is interested in this hobby, please write.

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Get back to it
by: John A. / Tyler, Tx

I whole heartedly encourage you to return to doing stained glass and experiment doing different things that are not typically done in the art. Pursue your passion and continue to refine it.

For nearly 30 years, I owned and operated a stained glass business on top of my position in the nuclear & utility industry where the pressure was emense from regulators, govt agencies , customers and environmentalists. The stained glass gave me a avenue to escape all that crud. I sold a lot of my work in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and W. Texas.

After I retired, I moved from the city where I was born and raised. I sold the business to my business’ long time manager who really developed the business and was a trusted individual. The day retired from my job, I walked into my stained glass shop, gave her the keys and turned over the business for $1.00. Ten years later, the business is still going gang busters!

Now, I have been away from stained glass for 10 years and there isn’t a day that I don’t pine to be back in the studio making something beautiful. But, other interests seem to get into the way of jumping back into it and making something that only sun light can truly make one appreciate the art.

If you want to communicate, contact Wendy for my email address. Since she approves these posts, she will know I have given permission to release to info.

by: Wendy,

I ask -- Why would you NOT go back into this interest?

It sounds like the perfect retirement hobby, can be done from home, spend as much time or as little as you care to do -- AND you can make an income from it.

You don't even have to rent a table somewhere -- put your pieces on the Facebook Marketplace locally, or, and earn a few bucks while you are enjoying your creative hobby!

Best wishes!

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