Start a Virtual Assistant (VA) Business

Would you love to start a Virtual Assistant Business? We call them VA's.

What IS a VA, you ask? Well, it's someone who acts as your assistant but they do the work from their own home, virtually. Lots of online businesses use them.

Just think -- Why would I spin my wheels on things I really don't know, when a VA could do it quickly and efficiently? Just makes good business sense.

My friend, Teresa, just started a new Technie VA Service, TCM Website Design... her blog has lot of great articles for those new to the business!

This is Teresa and me at the NAMS conference, August 2014.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a VA?

Step-by-Step VA ,  a 7-day course by Cindy Bidar, is for New Virtual Assistant's and might be the key to getting you started out right. It's FREE too!

If you have any previous administrative experience, working from home as a virtual assistant seems like an easy way to end to transition into retirement and make your time worked, yours, all yours.

Before you consider starting a virtual assistant business, you need to determine if you are disciplined to work hard without a boss looking over your shoulder. If you're the type who is easily distracted, unfocused and disorganized then becoming a virtual assistant may not be for you.

Can you make a schedule and stick to it? Can you meet deadlines?

Office Equipment Needed:
You've likely already got a desk and computer (or kitchen table), you will also possibly need a phone, printer, just things most households have nowadays.

Yes, you Need a Website:
Run your business like a business. Every VA should have a website which highlights skills and services. If you don't have the skills or money to have a professionally designed website, you better start saving or learning.  Read about starting a blog here.

Marketing your Business:
You will be responsible for the marketing, accounting, and all operations of the business. Do you have the personality or drive to promote yourself; to let others know about your services? Jobs will not simply fall into your lap. Competition is keen.

Are you prepared to initially work long hours and multiple jobs simultaneously? Will your household survive the potential loss of income as you start your VA business?

Do you have a specialized niche? Do you enjoy article submissions, search engine optimization, presentation creation, accounting, or web design? You should not try to be all things to all people. Determine your best skills; then promote those services to the target market who will most benefit.

Do you have what it takes to be a virtual assistant? If you have the skills, the personality or drive and some available funding – you just very well may have what it takes to be a great VA. Follow your dreams!

For a small monthly fee, Cindy Bidar will send daily emails to coach you, step-by-step, into this new Virtual World! She is a very popular VA with many at the NAMS conferences I attend. Learn from the best and join Cindy Bidar's Educated VA Membership!