Start running and not stop....

by JoAnne

My mom used to say this to me growing up. She would say, " Do you ever feel like running and never stopping, never coming back?" She suffered from depression and so do I.

Why did I think retiring at 60 was such a great idea?

I wanted to be available for my daughter and my grandsons. So I retired sold my house and moved north. I left work friends, social friends and church friends and now find myself completely alone a lot! (Divorced)

I do have a dog but he just stares at me at times like he is saying, "are we ever going to get out of this house?"

I have a retirement income and now collect my SSA. It pays the bills but extra for fun money, vacation, eating out! Ha! Who wants to eat alone anyway.

I've gotten a library card😀 and just started going to a new church in hopes of meeting people. I'm an introvert so it is hard. I am not attractive according to world standards and don't have anyone who will give a second look. So the sadness gets deep at times.

I have tried part time jobs that did not work out. But plan on looking for another. I am good when I am surrounded by my daughter, son-in-law and grandsons but try not to consume all their time because that would just not be healthy for their marriage.

Wow! Had no idea that retirement had the same process as mourning a death but it does.

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Response to: Keep Running and Don't Stop
by: Ken San Diego

When you said "keep running and don't stop" I was thinking "oh no, my faucets are leaking again!...or worse.. the toilet" ;-) J/K

Get OUT of the house, I know, (being retired just a year), that I will sometimes stay indoors a lot... and I have to push myself out to the gym, take drives, plan short trips (spontaneous trips to other cities for lunch etc...and I have NO problem going solo, as many times I have a dining companion ... I end up paying for everything ALL THE TIME! ... So cheer up, and smile... life is too short to worry about retirement blues... (I find one glass of Zinfandel cheers me up as well ) ;-)

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by: Nancy

I sure feel your pain. I went through the mourning and grief just like you. I, too, was totally surprised at this phenomenon. I had a light bulb moment last week and figured out why I had such a hard time when others slide right in.

I suffer from depression and have borderline personality disorder traits. One of the hallmarks is emptiness and boredom. The only way I can cope is to keep busy.

I'm so like you, an introvert and not attractive by society standards. I like the way I look, but I noticed on the jobs that there were certain types of people that get all the attention. But I digress.

Keeping busy in the form of my sewing hobby has literally saved me. I have joined some quilting groups on Facebook and have joined some quilt block swaps. Hoping you too, will find your way.

Start running and not stop
by: Sherry/NC

You are doing the right thing by getting out and going to the library and church and if there is a Senior Center in town go there also.

It takes a while to make friends. You will click with some people and others you will not. Smile a lot I think that helps. People love a friendly face always be nice. Folks enjoy being with nice people.

I do! You can make a new life for yourself it is up to. you.

by: Wendy

Yes, retirement can be like mourning a death... it's grief. The loss of your former lifestyle, it's gone, life has changed, and you will move on.

You are actively seeking new friends. That WILL happen, just keep doing what you are doing: library, church, etc.

Kudos to you. I think you are well on your way! It doesn't sound like it, but you are logically approaching your life options! That's good!

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