Stay Away From Drugs for Depression

by Linda

There is a long history of depression in my family and I have struggled with it for so many years that I can't remember how old I was when it all began.

So many doctors tried to get me to take drugs and I did try some of them. The side effects were horrible and I did not get any relief from depression. Drugs only mask the reason why someone is depressed. If you do not face the reasons behind your depression, that black cloud will never go away. It is probably much harder to tackle your depression with soul searching and confronting those people in your life that have contributed to your unhappiness then popping a pill for a temporary fix that will wear off in a short period of time.

I am very concerned about how the United States is so fixated on pharmaceutical drugs. I was given antibiotics that did so much damage that I may never recover completely. My primary care doctor did not take the time, before she gave me the prescription, to review the side effects and the population of people that should not take these drugs.

I found some interesting information today concerning prescription drugs. The United States and New Zealand are the only two countries that allow advertisements to consumers for prescription drugs. European countries have realized how harmful this trend can be.

We, as patients, should always be vigilant about taking any drugs. Doctors make mistakes and their loyalty to drug companies has always been questioned. The drug companies' profits are huge and fighting these companies is a David and Goliath battle.

I am very passionate about this topic and I hope that people will see past the veil that protects doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

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This pill craze
by: Cliff Rothband/ Coconut Creek Fl

This article and commentary sure hit it. About 6 months ago several people died that I was acquainted with. Not real friends but there in my mind or conscious they held a spot. That proposition and having a discussion with a doctor about getting old hit a lingering sore spot in my psyche.

Now I suffer from among things including PTSD from Vietnam, from childhood trauma, and growing up in a so called mob element. I was already on a anti anxiety drugs for many years, and trust me that I did so many as to not recall there names or time periods.

So my hand started to tremble, A VA psychiatrist, actually 4 decided on a medication that did nothing, next a emergency visit and I was medicated to sleep 20 hours at a time, when awake sitting on a commode, and going from a healthy 215 to weighing 180. Not a diet but an escape route where as I was contemplating suicide myself. Those over the counter meds I used to take has been deemed dangerous.

The warning info on those prescription drugs included death. In my own thoughts I gave credence to a long belief that our spirit or soul exists and might move on to a worse place in time. Almost as bad as putting a gun in your mouth only to survive in a vegetative state. By my own accord I stopped all medications cold.

Was it fear?
Or a lingering truth that life has value?

Brain Chemistry Can Be Addressed Without Drugs
by: Linda/Nevada

To those readers with brain chemistry issues,

I do believe that depression can stem from brain chemistry imbalances but there are valid studies and research that support how brain chemistry can be improved with methods other than drugs.

I have read three books from reputable physicians who are pioneers in the study of brain chemistry imbalances and they give compelling case studies of people who were able to change their lives from depression darkness to normal, energetic lives without drugs.

As an addition to this topic, everyone should check out the website, Dollars for Docs to see how much monetary benefits your doctor has received for several years. This website has a lot of information including dollar amounts, companies who pay doctors, and the categories of these payouts. The website is easy to use. All you have to do is fill in the name of the doctor and the city and state.

Wendy: My doctor has received little over the last three years, but the list of drugs is long and the many 'food and beverage' payments is too. Interesting! Thanks Linda!

It's not the same for everyone.
by: Carmen

I've been on antidepressants for 30+ years. It has helped me tremendously, though there were some with side effects, and I just changed to something else. It's not how I FEEL. It's a chemical imbalance in my brain.

Drugs and Depressoin
by: Elna Nugent


Can we assume you have seen a psychological counselor who suggested a certain drug to take which you got from your doctor? If not. perhaps you could take a different approach to your depression and see a recommended psychological counselor.

Most in the business of psychology agree that depression is actually "anger and hurt turned inward" which we prefer to hide in rather than address what has made us furious. Some deep hurt dates back to our childhood years as well as to a recent trauma or divorce etc. where in we feel someone has done us wrong.

Others prefer to ignore what is tearing at them and instead eat down their anger with food and gain an inordinate amount of weight which can lead to obesity …a place where we can hide behind a big protective wall of defense and protection from hurt.

Some find that: Writing down each day our particular hurt and fury / We can also add a page where we can at least think for one thing on that day for which we are grateful or feel fortunate about This can actually start you on a new track if you do it regularly.
This could put the drug industry out of business except for the helping of pain.

Many blessings to you and see if there is one thing you can do today that might actually help someone…even a little thing.


Wanting to go off Prozac
by: Annabelle Crawley Raleigh

I am 69 years and have been on Prozac for 6 months. It has helped very little with depression and it has caused weight gain and stomach issues. The Dr. I see doesn't really talk to me about things that could be causing my depressing. He just keeps increasing the dosage. I am thinking of gradually going off of it. Just hope I am doing the right thing.

Don't take Amiodarone
by: Marcia/Florida

There must be plenty more, but this drug is still being given for a Fib. My husband I hope is one of the lucky ones. Took it for about 6 mos developed pulmonary fibrosis, was hospitalized in April and is still not recovered..

Big Pharma got a wrist slap in 2004 so they added a black box warning, so now basically you can't sue the drug company (Wyeth), only class actions. It should be given only as a last resident resort life and death matter. Scars the lungs and usually the cause of death is listed as COPD.

Check out Be aware before you take this deadly drug. Big Pharma has us by the "b***s".

I don't agree at all
by: Nancy

And it makes me a little angry. I've taken antidepressants for years. If I don't take it, my anxiety is out of control. I know lots of people who are helped with anti-depressants.

Just because you are not helped with anti-depressants, don't judge someone else. And the cause for depression may not just be the "black cloud" you are not dealing with, it may be a chemical imbalance in the brain.

And let's talk about bipolar for a minute. They need medications just as my husband would need meds to control his diabetes and high blood pressure!

Nothing is black and white
by: Sandy

While I agree that we are a society fixated on drugs based on big Pharma advertising, doctors looking for a quick fix, demanding patients, etc....I also think there is a place for drugs when necessary.

I know many people who have improved their depression with the help of the proper drug. I realize that not everyone has this experience, but I think it dangerous to suggest that someone suffering from depression or another mental health concern not consider the proper drug to help them. Not everyone has a bad experience with them and some may need them to avoid going into a darker place or harming themselves.

As for me, I avoid anything, even pain meds such as Tylenol. I would rather tough it out. However, I recognize that I am blessed with good health and don't need to treat my issues with a drug. Again, however, others may need the drug just to help them try to lead a normal life.

So, it is not black and white - it is a personal choice and each person's health is different. The best we can do is educate ourselves as consumers, look for more natural remedies, eat healthy, exercise, develop a strong social network and give back to others. Oh.....and pay attention to all the disclaimers on drugs!

Kudos Linda!
by: Wendy

AMENDED: This was a comment on another page, but it totally deserves it's own page.

I'd love to change the title (deleting the "for depression).... as I dislike all prescription drugs. Yes, sometimes they are necessary, they are, but every med brings on its own issues, more issues.

The commercials... people romping through wildflower fields feeling fabulous. That really doesn't happen. New meds for toenail fungus have side effects that could cause death, or whatever. Drives me crazy!

Anyways, I thought Prescription Drugs would be a good topic for the site and retirees have plenty of opinions on this.

And GO...

ADD ON.... Just had to add another thought. EVERYONE is DIFFERENT. One persons anxiety is not another persons anxiety -- or arthritis, or cancer, etc. Prescriptions that help one person may not help another. Alternative health ideas that help one may not help another.

We are all very unique.

Please do not take what one doctor insists to be true, or one retiree, or family member - to be YOUR truth. Even your lifelong doctor may have the wrong idea... he may not know the latest technology, he may assume he knows you as he's worked with you for years. Medicine is a science -- but also not a cure all.

Do research online, help yourself with the gift of time to do that research to make your life better. There is always HOPE for a better future, but you need to do the work to find that missing link!

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