Stay Away From Southern Nevada

by Linda

If you are looking for a place to relocate to, stay away from Nevada. Here are the reasons why:

- Rising crime rate with the largest mass shooting in U.S. history
-Large doctor shortage
-Incompetent doctors
-Low wages that are not keeping up with rising cost of living
-Large shortage of affordable housing
-Age discrimination in workforce
-Scorching hot summers, above 100 degrees

There has to be better places to live. Unfortunately, I am stuck here because of lack of funds and no family support .

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Pros for Nevada
by: Anonymous

I guess it depends upon your situation. If you can afford one of the Sun City areas (yes I know they are in other states also) there are lots of built in activities, gyms, pools classes where you meet people with similar interests so lots to do.

If you cannot drive as I cannot there is also transportation. You do have to like hot sunny weather though.

The negatives you listed do exist however, perhaps other places also, perhaps not.

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