Still having bad dreams about work!

I am still having bad dreams about work that leave me feeling awful in the morning and not wanting to get out of bed.

I have a few friends from my last job I want to keep in touch with.

I finally made the connection: when I have something planned with one of them, the night before I have those same dreams about all the deadlines I have to meet, etc.

This website has been helpful for me.

Has anyone else had this type of experience and if so how can I get past this?

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dreaming about work
by: Anonymous

Well, perhaps the job was not easy or fulfilling. We sometimes work jobs and are not happy with the job but need the check so we continue working.

I am only 56 and definitely do not like my job. I am in the process of trying to find another one. Since I have had a few jobs I now realize the chance of getting a job that does not have challenges is slim! I am just praying that I will get a decent job that pays pretty well and I can continue to stay there until I retire.

The dreams you are having about your job may or may not be due to missing work but perhaps you did not like the job. If you are able to work a part-time job perhaps getting one that you do like may help you.

by: Wee Zer

I worked in food research and development for 18 years. I worked in other jobs before and after that job but I constantly have dreams about the R&D job.
I left that job in 2005 due to a reorganization and the facility closing down and moving operations elsewhere.

The dreams normally are not bad dreams but it is always about work and I am always searching for people or something. I wander from place to place and run into people I worked with. There are a few people that I dream about more often than others.

The other night I did have a bad dream. This time it was some kind of gathering and turned into a party. The next thing I knew I couldn't find my cell phone. Then I couldn't find my pocketbook which held my credit cards, medical cards, cash, car keys, house keys. I was frantic.

I finally asked this guy, whom I used to work with to drive me home. However, in my dream, no idea how I was getting into the house with no keys. I finally woke up and got up and out of bed. UGH, too much turmoil to fall asleep and start dreaming that stuff again!

I wish I had an off button on my brain when I go to bed! You are not alone! I am always wandering inside a building searching!

Response to: Bad Dreams about Work
by: Ken San Diego

For the first 4 months after I retired, I did NOT have any dreams about WORK.

Subsequently, on occasion, I would have those damn dreams (Nightmares) about work and the deadlines, and bosses that were a pain in the 'you know what' ... all I know is: When I have these types of dreams, I try to remember them when I wake up, then make some prank calls to them!

Kind of releases the anxiety, and makes your ex boss(es) get THEIR share of bad dreams! LOL

Bad Dreams
by: Nancy

I don't have any helpful suggestions about avoiding bad dreams about work except to tell you you are not alone, and maybe it helps you to know you are not the only one.

Twelve years ago I had a boss from hell, who singled me out for his particular brand of abuse. In the last 3 months I have had 3 dreams about him.

I am in counseling now and intend to work on this particular issue. I found an online counselor which is helpful.

Meditation before sleep?
by: Wendy,

You might try Insight TImer ( and search for Sleep Meditations. Maybe even Bad Dreams?

They have thousands of recordings, if one doesn't fit, try another -- until the best voice and style of meditation works for you.

Best Wishes!

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