Still Trying to Cope with Retirement

by Cheryl
(New York)

Cheryl retired at age 64 in 2012.

Occupations: Hairdresser / School bus driver trainer / I have worked my whole life , sometimes two / three jobs. My life time job has been school bus driver trainer.

Why did you retire? I was not forced out, 37 years of bouncing on my spine told me it was time to go. I chose to retire.

When did it REALLY sink in that you were REALLY RETIRED? Several months after I retired I realized that I was missing the social aspect of life, and the interaction with the public.

My Home: I am still in my home, and have not relocated nor do I plan on moving in the near future.

Did you go through a depression when you first retired? I am still trying to cope, and finding it hard to give up the working field.

Are you a normally happy go lucky person? Yes I have always had a positive attitude and been very happy.

Hobbies: My garden when possible - some crafts - some volunteering.

What would make your retirement easier? Life would be easier if I had some regiment, direction, obligations each day.........meaning that something I had to do the next day would be a lifesaving activity.

What is Retirement Satisfaction? I do feel satisfied that I accomplished major goals in life. I do try to tell my self each day how grateful I am and blessed to have my health. My children have their degrees, what more could a parent ask for?

What is your biggest retirement challenge? Keeping busy, keeping my mind from dying.......

Are you mentally and physically active? I make sure I am mentally and physically active, but there is a void of some kind and I just can not seem to fill it.

What's your biggest frustration with retirement? Idle time, friends are still working, life has changed dramatically for me.

If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for today? To have a part time job, and to be able to be with friends once again.

Advice for New Retirees: Keep active

Is there anything else you'd like to Share to tell your Retirement Story? I know I deserve this Retirement, I just have to learn how to accept it.

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