Still Working and Collecting Social Security...

by james p neff
(conway sc usa)

How much am i allowed to earn?

I was 62 on june 11.2005, started collecting a small soc sec check ($490.00) and was reduced ($245 a month) in aug 2005, because of the 40% rule.

I have a federal postal retirement as well as the US Army retirement.

Am I still allowed to make $14,160.00 a year without being penalized?

Wendy: Good for You -- Two Pensions!(Something that is no longer the "norm" for retirees), kinda sad!

Social Security only looks at earnings, not pensions... and you will get a "raise" from SS, each year, due to the increased earnings! IF you enjoy working, it's a win-win!

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Answer to my question???
by: Jim Neff

What is the amount of money I am allowed to make annually while collecting Social Security?

Wendy Well, actually I thought you knew since you typed the amount into your question.. grin!

Yes, you can earn up to the limit of $14,160./year before "full retirement age". After $14,160, you lose $1 for every $2 earned. Here is the link to the Social Security site if you'd like to read it.

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