Stop Living in the Past & Start Moving Forward in Retirement

Please Stop Living in the Past. It does not serve you well in retirement... let me explain why!

Do you struggle with most life challenges that come your way?  Are always looking back to earlier years, and wishing things could have remained “that way"?

Yes, you’re probably living in the past. You probably are stuck in your history and unable to move forward.

Although some would argue, “What’s so bad about living in the past,” the fact is that doing so means the present—your retirement reality—is flying by.

Life is short. There is so much more you can do in retirement... the past is the past. Keep those beautiful memories but live your retired life as it was meant to be lived!

You’re living in the past if:

  1. You think every day about how your life used to be. Maybeyou call it “nostalgia” for what your life was like before. Reflecting daily on the past can get in the way of moving forward.
  2. You sleep a lot, you like to dream about earlier years.  You look forward to those dreams. 
  3. You use other methods to escape from reality. Are you living life and enjoying each day or are you constantly in motion and doing something so you don’t have to face life as it is now?
  4. You’re in denial about your current living situation. It’s hard to accept that you no longer have a partner or live in the home you thought you would for the rest of your life. Maybe there is something you might change... 

Start Living Your Retirement Here and Now

Let's find yourself again and move forward to create a fulfilling life. 

  • Openly realize what you’ve been doing. The first step toward healing is acknowledging the error of your ways. “I’ve been living in the past and I want to stop doing that.” Dr. Phil always says "you can't fix what you don't acknowledge..." and I believe that.
  • Choose wise options to shift into the present. Do you need to clean out closets, get rid of old possessions, change furniture, and maybe even move your residence? Sometimes, moving forward in your life literally means moving
  • Know your retirement goals. Yes, even now, in retirement, we need goals. If we have no goals, we are simply reacting to whatever each day brings. Why not make a plan you can follow?
  • Take care of yourself. Face yourself in the mirror. Take excellent physical care of yourself. Re-focus your efforts on YOU: a new haircut (maybe something different), update your clothing style, join a gym, start vitamins. This is your life!
  • Contact professionals if needed. Seek out medical care if needed. Have an annual check-up. If you require psychological assistance to get things in perspective, ask your doctor for a referral to a counselor. 

Waste no more time. Be in awe of each day. You can do something positive with every 24 hour period. Start immediately. Start a Gratitude Jar!

Living in the past robs you of the life you truly deserve. 

Choose retirement goals TODAY and then begin living out your retirement dreams in the here and now.