Stop Smoking by Hypnosis

Do you want to know how to Stop Smoking by Hypnosis?

I strongly believe that our minds are very strong tools that most of us don't use to it's highest potential.

You Owe Yourself a Long Healthy Smoke-Free Life: Enjoy retirement as it was meant to be enjoyed!


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You also owe a long retirement to your family and friends - Please take care of your health TODAY...

If you've smoked for your lifetime, or quit and started again -- please let me tell you why I am even writing this page on smoking.

My Father

Dad loved his beer, and he drank it in his favorite bar, daily. He smoked much of his life, but did quit 2-3 times for months or years at a time. He always started when he dated another smoker.

Dad died in December 2005. He had COPD for the last few years of his life and was home-bound the last two years. Oddly enough, diagnosed and coughing like crazy, he stopped smoking cold turkey. Done. However, it was too late.

For me, daily, I watched him struggle. I watched as he walked from the bedroom to the kitchen table, huffing and puffing, couldn't even say "Hello" or give me a kiss... he needed the breathing machine first. After a good 15-20 minutes on it, he could talk and we'd have a nice time. He took lots of meds, and different breathing treatments, all of which were expensive -- and he died from smoking.

Pete, my buddy

Pete was an online friend that I wrote to daily for 15 years. Yes, 15 years... we never missed a day writing. Pete visited my home each year, and Terry and I visited Colorado and toured it with Pete. He simply was my best friend.

As I said, we wrote daily. That means he heard the trials my father lived through, as I told him of my day. Pete smoked. Did he quit? Nope. He once told me that he only had a few real pleasures left in life: cigarettes, his nightly whiskey to help him sleep, and chocolate.

Two years after my dad died, Pete was diagnosed with lung cancer. He made it through chemo, almost effortlessly -- but soon after, ended up in the hospital, then a nursing home, and never came home. Pete died 3 years after my dad.

What I Don't Understand... it's called "Addiction"

  • Why oh Why didn't Pete quit smoking after hearing what my dad suffered through? He never even considered it.
  • Why do smokers smoke, knowing the possibilities of cancer or COPD are really really high?
  • Death is inevitable, but who'd want to go horribly like this?

As a retiree, I hope and pray that you might want to live the retired life you were meant to live! I have great hopes for you... and so I need to tell you how quickly this can help you... ready?

Benefits to Stop Smoking


  • 20 minutes after quitting: heart rate and blood pressure drop

  • 12 hours later: carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal

  • 2 weeks - 3 months later: circulation improves, lung function increases

  • 1 - 9 months later: Coughing and shortness of breath decrease; cilia (tiny hair-like structures that move mucus out of the lungs) start to regain normal function in the lungs, increasing the ability to handle mucus, clean the lungs, and reduce the risk of infection.

  • 1 year: excess risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a continuing smoker’s

  • 2 - 5 years later: stroke risk can fall to that of a non-smoker

  • 5 years after quitting: Risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder are cut in half. Cervical cancer risk falls to that of a non-smoker.

    You Owe Yourself a
    Long Healthy Smoke-Free Life:
    Enjoy retirement as it was meant to be enjoyed!

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