Successful Career: Now what?

by Bruce R

Hmmmm... what to say really. Some of what I've read I clearly relate to. Although much of what I'm going through is both physical, psychological, emotional, financial and deeply personal, all at the same time.

I was a network tv news producer and after a long successful career, things went down hill some 5 to 6 years ago, and I've found myself reluctantly retired, chronically unemployed, dazed, confused and frustrated.

The hardest thing really, is understanding that no matter how seemingly insightful I may or may not be, and after researching, writing and producing hundreds if not thousands of segments, news stories, mini documentaries and the like, that I cannot seem to "produce" my way out of this new box I find myself in.

THAT is the greatest frustration ... namely self organizing and redefining a future that seems to be slipping past me like a tree limb in a fast moving river.

I've read all the books on Encore careers, albeit it works for some but I haven't figure it out.

I have volunteered or tried to volunteer and found the work unsatisfying if not outright demeaning, yet all the while trying to understand that my ego was not getting in the way.

This isolation, coupled with the new isolation of early retirement has been a deep and long haul...

It also comes amidst age related friends who ain't there yet, or even more so see me as a reflection in the mirror that might be their worst nightmare. Much of this is unspoken of course and plays out over the diurnal grind of putting purpose and continuity to each day.

Emails suggesting jobs as a bed pan cleaner, a senior assistant or such other crap abound. Self worth analysis that one has battled the perfect storm of the recession, age, and a changing marketplace are part of my situational analysis but it does little to negate the feeling that I have a great future behind me.

Still I remain undaunted in the belief that I can find a way to the new world, even if it means searching more internally than externally.

Lemme know if this makes sense to y'all


Wendy: Bruce, It really sounds like you've had the rug pulled out from under you (like so many retirees), and years later, you are still "stuck".

I think the longer you are "stuck", the harder to pull yourself out, psychologically. It's all in your head, self doubt or whatever, and that perpetuates itself... as you start running in circles mentally.

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New Beginnings
by: Nina from London

Hello Bruce,

In each part of the road we are on there are obstacles at times. When you lose your job even after being successful it takes time to figure out the next part of the journey. Though the uncertainty what helps is figuring out what you do like and can't stand.

On New Year's Eve we got to talking at a party about "the worst job you ever had" and then "the best job you ever had". What an interesting contrast. We also even looked into "the Dream Job".

If you're wondering why we chose this's because there was a young man who was 15 at the party. He wanted to quit school. So Steve started to try and convince him to stay on in school, pursue a career he would like and a pep talk.

Funny answers from the party crowd!

Just to encourage you and hope that this year you will begin to find what it is that you would really like to do. I know I've gone through this search myself.

The dissatisfaction I felt has been replaced with joy... I'm teaching an art group and doing volunteer work at Mosaic Club in London. It's part of an International Charity (ICCD). There I've learned to do videos, presentations, computer slide shows and so on.

There are more things I could add but mostly I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2013.

Best Wishes, Nina

Retirement activity
by: Jun Cuadrante

Bruce, I am a retired President of a small development bank in the Philippines. I spent about half of my career in banking and when that ended in 2006, I also found myself "floating". Suddenly my income dropped to almost zero.

In the Philippines, I get a measly P3000 a month from my Social Security system pension. You can just imagine how bad a financial situation that is.

But one thing I realized on retirement is the need for social support from friends and family. I am lucky to have that in the Philippines. Misery always seeks company.

I also found some sense in the book of Robert Kiyosaki called Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! and the other books on similar topics.

From hindsight, I discovered that I did not prepare adequately for the end of a professional career (in anything for that matter). I realized how badly I needed a long term, reliable, residual and leveraged income. You might want to read Kiyosaki and see what I mean.

On retirement, I also discovered that we do not stop being a consumer of something. Whether we like it or not, we buy something daily or regularly.

For instance, in the Philippines, we are known to be the SMS capital of the world. Ninety percent of cell phone users here are on "prepaid" arrangements with the Mobile phone providers. These people, retirees included, buy cell phone loads regularly. What if someone pays you for referring as many friends as you can to patronize a particular Telco or Distributor? Then you can earn some residual income without capital or working 24/7.

I am now promoting among my Seniors friends the concept of developing a passive and residual income stream, both to help them socialize and earn residual income besides.

I guess we must engage in a retirement activity that we enjoy doing.

Would these sharings help you in anyway?

Best regards,

Jun Cuadrante

l feel for u*
by: Sharyn~~~Waterloo

l can hear the sadness in your voice & feel the hopeless of your dilemma but it doesn't have to be that way!

Not all jobs one volunteers for r meaningless* often times one may find employment after seeking out what it is one enjoys.

l wish u a happier new year with prospects for your future. There is life after retirement - SEEK & u shall find**

Being there, Done that!


I hope that you will be able to pull out of the mode you have been in lately. I was there for almost 10 yrs. although my past was not as great than years. However, I did get out of all that stuff in the past.

What did I do?

I replace all that I was stuck in with something different and simpler. It has taken me almost 2 yrs and I am still working on it but I am much happier. I work and live in a smaller country.

To me a simple way of culture..that is all part of it.

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