Summer fun with Grandchildren

by Elayne

Blessings are the things in life that we are surrounded by, that money can't buy, that we often take for granted and rarely say thank you for.

I'm 71 years old and I have been fully retired for about 9 years. My 3 grandchildren live about 3 hours away and as they've grown up and gotten involved with their friends, sports and family activities, I don't see them as much as I used to or would like to. I try to make the trip to see them in their sports activities, but lately, I've been having so health problems. Talking on the phone is definitely not enough.

So this year I asked them and their parents if I could take them on a vacation - just me and the girls. I let them chose the location and the week that would be best for them. Scheduling was more difficult than I expected because the 19 and 16 years old have summer jobs and all 3 have sports camps to attend. But we worked it out.

We spent 6 days together at Siesta Key, Florida and it was so much fun. We flew into Tampa, rented a car and drove south. Purchasing groceries in Sarasota to make breakfast and lunch at the rented beach villa was their excellent idea.

They each took a turn at making their favorites for dinner - mac and cheese, shrimp tacos and pasta with sauce. Two days we ate out at a Mexican and a seafood restaurant.

It was wake up, eat, beach, eat, naps, pool, get the There was sun every day (a pleasant change from the Michigan rain) and the most amazing white sand beaches and beautiful sunsets that I've ever seen. The travel plans went so smoothly and I attest that to prior planning for every situation that could have arisen.

While we were waiting at the airport to fly home, we reminisced about the things we'd done, laughed about me driving over those mile high bridges to get to the Keys, and stopping at the mall close to the airport for a little shopping. We returned home last night and they drove home this morning - safely and with gratitude for a lifelong memory.

Who knows, we might be able to do this again in the near future, but maybe not. I've had back problems for the last year and I have surgery scheduled in 2 days. We'll see...

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by: June, GA

Never knew my grandparents. I was a late in life baby. However, I have four of my own with a disparing age gap, 28, 13, 9, 6.

We are all at my little cabin in the No Ga mountains. I will have three weeks with the younger ones and a few days withe the older since she has to get bk to graduate school. We are having so much fun playing in the creek and building forts.

I am 70 and in great health and playing right along with them. Yesterday we built a dam in the creek and played naked and afraid, without the naked.

Lots of fun and memories. I truly am blessed.

Travel with grandchildren
by: Sally

Road Scholar has many trips for grandparents and grandchildren all over the US and abroad.

My 9year old grandson and I have just finished a week in NYC. All the kids and grandparents had a great time, made new friends, and learned a lot. All the details are planned for you and all you need to do is enjoy your time together.

Summer Fun with Great Nieces and Nephews
by: Diane

I love your article. I love to hang around with my great nieces and Nephews. The oldest one is my Great Niece 6 and she puts life into perspective. Living in the moment.

She will help me around my yard by following me around asking questions, picking up rocks for her collection. Then she'll make comments like "Aunt D, you walk fast for an old lady"!

She plops down on a chair next to me and hands me a book that she's read before and asks me to read it to her.

I am looking forward to the younger ones growing up, too. They just put a smile on my face.

Summer Fun with Grandchildren
by: Elayne - Michigan

Thank you, Wendy. I don't have stories like your grandma's but my grandma did and I smile every time I think of them. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to spend any time with the girls and I'm sure they'll remember and tell their children about my nervousness of driving over the Skyway Bridge in Sarasota.

by: Wendy

Yes, you made REAL lifelong memories with those girls!

My prim and proper red-headed English grandmother lived in Canada. I remember visiting every Sunday, but got to REALLY know her most when they spent a summer vacation at my dads property up north. It's those longer times together when the "What's New?" is over, we are all caught up, and real talk starts.

One night, Grandma told us this story, sipping a "wee bit of wine", around the campfire:

Apparently she was quite sassy as a girl. Red hair and all. She was walking past a factory one day, all the guys hanging out the windows and calling out to her. She says she just kept on walking... BUT the button on her bloomers popped, and they fell to her ankles. She says she didn't miss a step, she stepped out of each leg, kicked them into the air, caught and tucked into her bag -- and kept on walking!

We were hooting and hollering with laughter. MY Grandmother? Yep!

We would never have heard that story at Sunday dinners, but spending a week together brings you so many opportunities to learn more about family, what they care about, who they really are...

KUDOS to you Elayne! Those grands will never forget that week in Florida!

Sending prayers for speedy healing after your surgery!

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