Sun will come out tomorrow ...

by Carmen Y
(Lutz, FL)

I'm retired and for the first six months, it was horrible. Depressed, crying, suicidal, heartbroken, lonely, angry, anxiety ... you name it, I experienced it BUT I did not want to feel this way.

At first I would take long walks, then I would take a bucket and pick and pick up the litter people threw on the side of the road. I volunteer at my church (watering the plants for one ....), go to the gym at least 3x a week. Did some things around the house. BUT the one thing I do miss is fellowship...

Getting together with friends (maybe once in a while for breakfast, go see a movie ... things like that) BUT the problem is that everybody that I know is working and the few that are retired don't want to or can't.

I love the bike riding, bowl, knit, board-games, travel, talk, catch a movie, mini-golf, tennis, gym ... I am not a couch potato person.

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by: Tippy/Canada

Why not join a Meetup group in your area? They cater to various interests.

Recovering from injury and tired out
by: Joan

I read the last comment from the person who was so lonely in retirement. I feel like that sometimes, also. A lot of my friends are so busy with their families and grandkids that I don't see them too often. Although we talk on the phone often.

My kids and grandkids live out of town so I don't get to see them often enough. My little grandsons were here yesterday and they are so cute-3 and 5, but boy do they have a lot of energy! So tired today.

I fell at night due to low blood pressure and have a compression fracture in my vertbrae and have been quite laid up for a couple months. So that doesn't help. Also, have nueropathy in my foot so that keeps me from going for the nice walks I used to do.

Still can go to Bible study and try to keep busy. Will watch the Packer game today. Anyone else feeling lonely when they are alone. How do you deal with it?

Any helps would be great. Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! I was at my son's in the Twin Cities. Was nice.

Me too
by: Vicki, CT

I had the same issue and it took me over a year to adjust. What finally helped was I joined my local senior center. I met like-minded people there, we eventually went to lunch together, and now we meet regularly for lunch, board games, movies, shopping, tai chi class, you name it.

I had to let my working friends go somewhat, and making new retired friends made all the difference in the world.

Sun will come out
by: Sherry / NC

Each day is a gift from God! Take advantage of it!

It is difficult to make friends. It takes time. Give it time.

All of the tihings you are doing are good and will help, have patience.

If you do volunteer work that makes you happy you will meet people just like you at the same place!

You can meet people by just having a pet. Walk your dog everyday and I promise you will meet people. Animals attract people.

Good luck and I wish you happiness in your journey.

So What Are You Looking For?
by: Anonymous

It seems like your article ends in the middle of something you're having a hard time expressing and you didn't finish. You seem very sad. I'm sorry.

I get the feeling you want someone to reach out and help. But that you don't know what you're looking for. What is it that you're looking for?

by: loyce!

I became a Moose member where I enjoy meals/karaoke/pool and volunteering and meeting other members. This is a casual club and meetings and volunteering are optional

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