Surprised by depression

by Marion
(New York)

I retired last month after many years with the same agency; the job became too stressful and there were no opportunities for advancement, so I retired.

I was so elated that first week but by the middle of the next week I became bored and then a couple of weeks later down right depressed.

I don't miss the job at all and especially don't miss the dread I felt all day Sunday. What I do miss is the structure of my day, which was very busy; I usually was gone from home for 13 hours. It's like going from 120 mph to zero.

I am looking for another job but can't decide if I should take something that wouldn't use up so much time or get back into my former schedule if something less stressful turns up.

Wendy: You are experiencing what many of us do... and it does get better in time. Be patient with yourself.

As for part time or full time working, only time will tell. When the job is offered, you either accept and try it out, or decline. It's your time and your retirement now... you are no longer forced to do five days a week, UNLESS you enjoy it.

The good thing (to me) is that you are considering work again... that means your brain is still functioning, and you aren't totally depressed. You are considering your options... you'll be just fine!

Best Wishes!

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Me Too
by: Nancy

I am still struggling after almost 2 years also. I joined a Bible study which has been very therapeutic. A women's Bible study which I can relate to my retirement struggles with the topics we've studied. This website has helped me more than anything. I'm sorry you all are still struggling with anxiety and depression, but I'm glad I'm not alone. Quilting has saved me.

Surprised by depression
by: Anonymous

I'd been feeling so much anxiety and stress in my job for years that I felt it was necessary to retire.

I knew it would be a huge drop in income and I'd be living on a shoestring budget, but did not see the depression forthcoming. My grandchildren kept me busy and happy until my daughter decided it was her parents fault for her lousy life and no longer allows them over.

My physical health has greatly deteriated in just 1year. My depression has escalated since learning the children are doing poorly scholastically, socially, and emotionally.

Thank you for this site.

Retired and Depressed
by: Anonymous

I retired early because of health issues. The job I left was very stressful and I was happy to leave. I have been home now for 4 years.

I love being at home everyday and am battling depression more now than when I was working. I have tried getting out and joining other retired ladies in a Writing Workshop and The Red Hat Club.

But I find I would rather be home than do these things. I continue to go out with them sometimes for I know it is not good for me to stay home so much. I don't know what to do.

Feeling somewhat similar
by: Anonymous

Yes, I know how you feel. I too am recently retired and feel pretty bored with life. I try to get out and about, but finding it difficult to fill my day. I live in hope that eventually I will be able to overcome the transition period from a working life to retirement. It's not easy. But one must live in hope.

Anybody can do it*
by: sharyn

Majority of just retired people feel like u feel, it takes time. Find something u enjoy doing and do it well! This is your life and living doesn't end at retirement, this is your choice, it is nice to still have choices ~~ if u can afford not to work then volunteer, so many worthwhile causes out there for u to explore. Get those "boots on the ground" and get cracking, searching for whatever it is u want to do for the next chapter in YOUR life** Be happy & good luck.

Big change
by: Anonymous

I never expected the big change in time from full time job to retirement open days. I'm struggling with it after 2 years. I don't want a full time job,
but I do need something. I envy those with hobbies like quilt making or blogging. If you think you want a new 5 day routine, get a job. Don't get so depressed like me that you don't function well anymore.

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