Surrounded by cornfields

by Annie Kentucky

Covid19 made an already lonely life even more lonely.

My last child has gone to college, friends are married with families of their own.

My house is for sale but when you live in the middle of nowhere I think selling homes are iffy.

Please send some vibrant energy my way before I permanently stare out in a glaze over the cornfields.

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by: Anonymous

How about getting a roommate or taking a walk?
I would love to hear how it is in your life. So different than where I live.

For Surrounded by cornfields
by: Anonymous

I understand what you're saying. Good luck on selling your place. Hopefully it will be exactly what someone who wants to get away from the too busy places that seem to be nothing but trouble these days will find it.

In the meantime, join Facebook, Pinterest, find groups to join on-line with people who have similar interests. There are tons of ways to connect with people - minus the people. Your computer can be your best friend and keep you occupied as much as you want.

Do you have hobbies? You can order ANYTHING to be sent to you from Amazon...any hobby items you need.

Find folks who like exchanging letters - pen pals. Getting mail and sending mail is cool if you don't like dealing just with e-mail.

Then What?
by: Jane Curtis/ Texas

Sounds like you are in the middle of a really big self-pity party. Don't want to interrupt. However, when you finish, you need to decide... if you are selling you home.. Then What?

Happiness is a matter of choice. You can decide to let life's little interruptions give you a good excuse to feel sorry for yourself or you can get excited about changing things.

You are either happy where you are or you are taking steps to change it. One or the other.

Sets some new goals... Then what? You are the only one who can make you happy. It is not anyone else's responsibility.

I bet there is someone you can help that just might give you an excuse to smile. Don't wait for happiness... claim it. Even if you do not think you can find something to be happy about. Dwell on it. Your horizon is much bigger when you are not the center. I say these things to you as someone who has been there.

Keep working on it. You can get there.

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