Take age for example

by Graham Wright

Steven Essa recently wrote “Nothing sells like proof.”

Steven is one of my internet mentors. His sentence was included in one of his recent memos.
Steven's quote made me wonder about some of the things going on in America.

It seems quite possible in America to have 'facts' and 'alternate facts'. Is it logically possible that two sets of 'facts' can contradict each other?

My phone recently carried some news with a bracketed caption at the end which read something like "the facts in the story have not been authenticated". If news is not 'authenticated', is it really news or is it fiction?

What then, in the light of 'fake news' can be acceptable as 'proof', especially when associated with 'sales'.

I was born in 1944, so my mother tells me. This date is also included on my birth certificate.

Can this be another case of fake news? It’s not possible that I could be that old!

The alternate fact is that I am 25! It is an alternate fact because that is how old I sometimes feel.

There are other times when I feel every bit of my 72 years. Thereby showing that alternate and contradicting facts can both be maintained together.

Is the world going crazy, or is it me? G

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Ummm, Yeah...
by: Wendy

Pretty sure you can rely on that birth cerificate... no alternate fact there. Good try! GRIN!

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