Takes awhile to find a new normal

by Terri/Milwaukee

After retiring in March 2016 due to my husband’s job relocation, I found myself in an odd place too. Yes I was happy to be out of a stressful job but not happy to be in a new part of the State that my family wasn’t near.

So after months and months of trying different things to make me happy, I am now happy to report that I found a PERFECT part time job. One with a wonderful boss who allows flexibility and freedom. It’s truly something I’ve searched a long time for. I quickly realized that I hated working 3 FULL time days and opted for 4 mornings instead. Now it’s a perfect balance.

So my advice is that you WILL find your niche. First write down what you want in life, be still, meditate, get quiet to find that information. We aren’t used to asking ourselves these questions. Then give yourself some time to realize those dreams. The job I now have was a result of a "dream board" I had written. It literally was a miracle I found out about it.

I guess at 57 it’s never too late to find your perfect job!

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Changing professions
by: mildred/tn

I retired from a full-time registered nurse and after trying different things I became a foster parent for new born babies.

I included the government program where you keep pre school kids so their moms can get trained for new jobs and I had custody of a first cousin's newborn. All these made a livable pay check. I got to stay home. No uniform, The government would pay for all the kids meals and snacks-you had to keep lots of records-their attendance and each meal plan. They furnished toys, kids books, etc.

After a few months I got a new born from the hospital who would be up for adoption. After 2 yrs going thu courts to terminate parents I got to adopt him. I was 60yr old.

It was wonderful. Just what I needed. He is 20 and next yr I will b 80 and we still have fun.

Changed my life.

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