Tax Professional

by Jane
(Brooklyn, CT)

I am 59 years old and am an enrolled agent and CPA with a small home practice. It is full time during tax season and part time for the rest of the year.

I anticipate continuing to run the business in retirement on a reduced scale and increase hobbies. I already do volunteer work for AARP VITA in tax preparation.

There is a possibility I might relocate five years down the road. if so I might take some clients with me or work during tax season for someone else. I need to keep busy.

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Tax Professional Plan of Action
by: Leaking Ink

Sounds like a plan! Best wishes to you as you implement your plan. Your plans may change over time though, so just go with the flow as it comes.

Good approach
by: Sara


Your situation sounds ideal to me. My husband is 68 and still works full time. He Enjoys his work, stays current and is valued by younger coworkers. He’s needed and can solve difficult problems. That is the joy of working.

I have many interests and activities and retirement for me (in January) was rough !! Through luck trial and error and perseverance I've landed on my feet. (Some people have it easier and god bless).

Transitioning to part time or consulting work (like what you are suggesting) in one’s given field sounds like such a good option for people.

Cold turkey for many can be hard ! no one tells you this so it’s a real shock and a downer. I told hubby - no retirement without part time consulting lined up. He saw what I went through and is listening to me.

Everyone is different -your mileage may vary but I still think it’s useful advice.

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