Teacher Retirement: Not liking 2nd retirement either

by Sandi

It is 2am, I'm retired and can't sleep! So glad I found this site! Now I know I'm not going crazy.

I retired from teaching in 2013 and a few months later got a p/t job. Now I retired from that because I realized time is passing me by and here I am stuck in a job... for what?

Now I'm regret leaving that job! I don't know what I want. I guess I have to give myself time to adjust, but it's so difficult.

I also feel like my family (mom and husband) want to take control of all this free time I have......which drives me crazy. At least when I worked I had the excuse that "I have to go to work!"

Now what do I say?

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by: Sandi

thank you Carrie as well as the others that responded to my "not liking 2nd retirement either." I really appreciate hearing from others that feel similar to me! Also, thank you all for the "ideas," I will look into volunteering.

What teachers do - after teaching
by: Bernard Kelly, Australia

Hello Sandi

I omitted to say in my earlier post that one of my colleagues moved into personal educational consulting when she left teaching at age 57.

She is going to post her story onto the Facebook community page RETIREMENT STARTUPS GROUP in the next few days, so keep an eye out for it there.



When you're seeking an alternative retirement
by: Bernard Kelly, Australia

Hello Sandi

for what it's worth, , you may be interested in what I think are the challenges ahead (I write on these topics with personal anecdotes – I am 72):

Health & Wellbeing - Mediterranean diet, exercise, meditation
Family & Friends – social relationships,
Extra income - retirement startups, profitable hobbies, renos, reverse mortgages, an online business
Best place to retire – "college towns"
Maintaining a zest for living – optimism
What other themes do you think are important?


Bernard Kelly

Geelong, Australia

I can so relate!
by: Carrie

Hi Sandi,

I had exactly the same experience as you. Retired from teaching, then worked part time for three years...I wasn't happy at work and I wasn't happy at home.

If you are fully retired then people take advantage of all your free time...so I found a volunteer position twice a week. It takes up some of my time and I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. It's not a real job, so it isn't filled with the stresses and obligations of a real job.

I think we all need something, whether a hobby or an activity that is "ours". You just need to figure out how you want to spend your time. Remember, it IS your time, not anyone elses unless you want it to be.

Good luck!


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