Teacher Retirement Poem

by Guinn Shaddon

For 30 years I taught in school

And learned so very much
Yes, every single class I taught
My heart they would always touch

It was more than just a long career
It was never boring, or dull
It made me who I am today
My life so very full

There's nothing I would ever trade
For what God gave to me
For every student, every friend
And every sweet memory.

by Guinn Shaddon

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by: Peggy Howard/Las Vegas

Thank you for dedicating your life to teaching children, America's future. Thank you for touching their lives, for paying out of your own pocket, for giving hugs to children that needed it, for understanding that each child has a different home/social life, for believing in a child when no one else would, and for praising a child when they did the very best they could. You touched many lives!

May God Bless!

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