Teacher Retirement

by Nancy Ewing
(Tallmadge Ohio)

I retired from teaching in 2015.

It has been difficult not having a place to go every day and see the children. I missed this interaction the most. I do not miss all the politics the teaching profession has become.

My husband had passed away so this made it even more difficult for me.

It is not an easy transition without a daily routine.

It has become a bit easier now.

To get my "kid" fix, I volunteer a few hours a week at an intercity elementary school.

I also am involved with church activities and many friends. Having my son and his family near by helps me too.

I feel it's important to try new things. Also belonging to the silver sneakers exercise program is great.

Any other ideas would be great.

I have seen several other retirees sitting home all day and that depresses me.

Thanks for this site

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by: Carolyn

You sound as though you have a very healthy attitude towards some of the drawbacks of retirement. You are looking at the positive.

I too have some friends who are retired and sit home all day watching TV and do nothing - while I am out having luncheons, hiking, going to the art gallery, volunteering with our humane society, travelling, going to festivals etc. It is vastly important to keep busy!

Teacher Retirement
by: Elna Nugent, MA

Your attitude and energy will get you far. I'm impressed with what you have done already.

Every person you meet is like a novel to read. Every person you meet may be able to teach you something and vice versa. Every person you meet may require encouragement, just like you.

;Already, by writing your dilemma you have given people ideas about what they could do to get the energy flowing.

Keep us posted. Many Blessings,

Still Educating
by: Deborah Hercsek, Bath OH

I retired in 2013 after 35 wonderful and fulfilling years in the classroom. It was quite a life change going from a purposeful someone to a social security number. I've done all you have sought out to fill the gaps. I also joined a bowling league and volunteered in the national park teaching about the park.

Love it, love,it, love it.

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