Teaching insurance courses online!

by Irwin
(Lakeland, FL)

Hi Wendy:

Yes, it is I once again - the procrastinator and/or skeptic when it comes to setting up an online business..............but, my teaching assignments have dwindled down to "none, zip, nada, zero this year and while they were not huge money makers, they did supplement our retirement income so that we could still make various trips each year (remember our latest escapade).

Anyways, I just got done reading many of the comments made by others that have taken the SBI plunge and got to wondering if perhaps (since I could not come up with a "niche" so to speak - since I had been in the insurance business from 1963 to 1996 and then 10 to 12 years of teaching property and casualty insurance after that) I could set up a site related to teaching insurance online.

Since you have been my guru throughout the past few years when it came to various online possibilities one could involve themselves as they pertain to having fun in retirement and quite possibly make some money in the process and by the way, I am in no way, shape or form looking to get rich overnight from such an endeavor.

Truth be told that I sort of miss the teaching, the students responses and so forth and their praise (at times some did write me when they finally achieved their insurance designations) that I got to thinking - hmmm, where are these individuals getting their training if not through the facility I was teaching for.

Perhaps I could provide such a service and if from home or on the road (wouldn't want to give up our travels) and earn a few extra bucks while doing it - so much the better.

Perhaps I might become a source for them to turn to with regards learning more about the Property and Casualty insurance business or, if nothing else, how to study and prepare for the various exams they must take to complete the program. What do you think?

I know you are having a ball setting up your various online businesses and that it is a way for you to supplement your retirement income and you seem to be having such fun doing it, I am getting jealous and antsy at the same time. I need to make a commitment and follow it through while I am still fit and able to do so. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Develop Your Business Idea
by: Joe Curiel

Hi Irwin,

I realize that your recent blog/comments were directed to Wendy, but I hope you don't mind that I'm sharing some thoughts.

Your following comments got my attention.

1. Business going down. I get it! Sounds like someone placed a sign on your door stating that you had gone fishing. Your description was quite comical.

2. Not finding your "Niche". I can relate to your search. I recently submitted an article and my feeling on this topic is that finding a Niche could take a long time.

In the meantime, give it your best shot. Identify what you think your niche might be and move on it. In the process, you might find a new niche and you can adjust your efforts accordingly.

3. Your were an insurance agent. Join the club.

This could be a niche for you. In my posted article, I encourage readers to do some research on once ideas. Do a Google search and see what similar services are already being offered. Will you be the same or unique? Why would a client go to you as compared to a competitor?

Wendy offered some great tips. I found them of value and plan to incorporate them myself as I search for my "Niche".

Insurance Classes Online
by: Wendy

Irwin --

You could do classes but first you need to get the site moving with articles and visitors. You could simply write about insurances.. we'd find keywords to see, specifically, what people are looking for info on -- and you'd supply that info.

Toss some ads on those pages and earn a passive income there.

Keep writing -- get traffic/visitors -- start classes.

You could also be an Insurance Coach for those working on the training.

Another Idea-- since you are travelling... you might do a Retiree Travel Blog. Start with the photos you have, post and write about that trip, write page after page, photos of whatever you took and what you learned about that place -- focusing on Senior Travel. Like WHY seniors might enjoy it, whats a bit more difficult for seniors (too much walking or whatever), cities where you find plenty of seniors . Combine the love of travel AND your love of writing?

Just thinking...

P.S. I am helping someone else right now with a brand new SBI site. He studied and studied but wanted some quick help and we did lots in just half hour sessions! Fun Fun!

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