Terrified about COVID surge

by Jennifer Donovan
(Houghton, MI)

First of all, Wendy, so sorry to hear about your mother. I'm praying for her and you.

This has been a bad week. My cousin died of COVID and our county has been designated high transmission.

My daughter took a ride to a meeting with a woman whose mother-in-law just tested positive for COVID, so my daughter and I assume we've been exposed and are isolating.

I am high risk due to age and medical conditions. I am really scared.

How are others handling the delta variant surge?

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Terrified about COVID surge
by: Lynn/Colorado

You can control only what you can control.

"Science" knows what to do to help us all stay safe. Do what you can to practice this science and enjoy life.

I try my best to stay away from those who choose to endanger others and themselves.

The winter months of being inside are coming, be well and stay safe.

Loss of dear friend to Covid & Pneumonia
by: Shirley MacDonald/Canada

My dear friend, Sherry passed away from Covid and pneumonia on August 24th, in Florida. She was a devoted Mother, Wife, Sister Cousin and Friend.

I will not get into opinions about masking and social distancing, the only thing I will say is that it seems that all these deaths are Senseless and we all have loved ones. The reality is that this virus is indiscriminate and Everyone is at risk!!

Please, for your sake and the sake of all you cherish please be vigilant and take nothing or no one for granted.

May you all maintain Good Health & Happiness.

Mixed bag
by: Sandy

So sorry to hear about your cousin. Many have lost precious loved ones. Just terrible.

As for me, I worry not about Covid. If it happens and I die, I won't know any different. And I choose to live my life unencumbered by worry.

Worry doesn't protect me from Covid.

Call me odd, but that's my view. All the best to you.

by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Jennifer --

For over a month now, I've been in hospitals: busy-busy emergency rooms, overnight, bedside, cafeteria, and pretty much lived there.

Now we are in a rehab facility. Mom is quarantined for two weeks, week one is over. We don't mind at all.

I am also afraid. Previously, I stayed at home or moms condo for 1.5 years to keep them safe.

However, Now she is in rehab and needs me. I can only pray that I remain safe.

If being exposed scares you, go get a test. My husband just took one (yes he was vaxx already), and got results in 24 hours. Simply peace of mind for you.

Sending prayers your way!

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