Thank you for your site!

by Sandy B

Hello Wendy,

You website is amazing and so professional. I came to your website as I wanted to meet new people. Not for romance at all. I love hearing people's stories etc.

The other forums I have joined were young people and I could not identify with them mostly they could not identify with me as an elder.

I cannot thank enough for your site. Sandy B

Wendy's reply: Wow! Thanks so much for your kind words, Sandy! You made my day!

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Forever Learning
by: Sassy


Thank you for this site! It is just what I need during this phase. Who knew -- just about everyone has some form of transition anxiety.

I have been taught and mastered many skills during my healthcare career. Nobody ever offered retirement 101-except YOU!! I am your one of your "students" along with many of the others learning something new each day.

Thank you for having the insight to know retirees need support. Thanks for being kind for sharing your knowledge, it is helping me immensely!!!

I know one day I will be able to pass my knowledge along to a new retiree!!

Wendy: Thanks "Sassy".. surely a sassy gal wouldn't have anxiety. Just be Sassy!

I agree! This site is just what I need
by: jlwk2005

Wendy, you're words were just what I needed to hear! Everything I've read so far defines my concerns exactly. Thank you for maintaining this site.

I feel like your my new best friend!

Wendy's Reply: Thanks ever so much. It's a post like this that makes my day, and helps me continue my website to inform folks out there. I want to share what I know about retirement so that someone might benefit... it feels good to do that! Thanks for taking your time to comment!

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