Thankfulness to God in Retirement

by Charles Wiilcox
(South Africa)

There is only one sure and everlasting way to happiness in retirement. You must find GOD in your life - that is the only way to complete happiness.

Believe me, my wife and myself have really allowed God to come into our lives and believe me what a wonderful experience.

Now i know there are many people who scoff at this and just cannot allow or will not allow God into their lives. Please, what is the alternative if you are on pension?

In my case, it means i have stopped working, i still keep myself busy with various projects and enjoy every moment when i can potter around in my workshop or sit in front of my computor.

But the great moment comes when i take timeout to be with GOD to really thank HIM for what he has given me my pension every month, my health, my wife's health our daily bread, my beautiful children, 7 and 14 grandchildren 4 great grand children.

What more can i want?

The pleasures of this world means nothing more to me. i just cannot even listen to all the robbery, murders, strife, abortion, rape, bribery, corruption, what more no i withdrew from all this and live only to be with the HOLY FATHER in paradise oneday.

Tell me i am dreaming but at least i find pleasure in my dreams, i find peace and happiness, pensioners out there hear me out listen this the only way to complete happiness.

GOD BLESS YOU WENDY for allowing me to write this long letter, but my heart is filled with thankfulness in GOD.


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Real Words of Wisdom
by: JCJ


As a newbee into retirement life planning, I found the article inspiring.

Some of us are in some type of spiritual journey which means different things to different people.

My spiritual journey has been on and off for a long time, but I'm convinced that it should be part of our life game plan.

As I plan my activities, I try to include some type of spiritual activity. By so doing, I am seeking my comfort level. I see it as a building block to my retirements activities.

You can choose to explore spirituality or ignore it. The choice is yours. If you want, look at it as an educational or as a spiritual experience.
You never know, you might learn something.

In either case, keep an open mind. You really have nothing to lose and maybe will gain some insight.

Give it a try,

Best of luck in your retirement/spiritual Journey.


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