Thanksgiving: Are we missing out in Australia?

by Graham Wright
(Encounter Bay South Australia)

Are we missing out in Australia? Whether or not we are retired, at about this time of year, I'm beginning to feel that those of us who do not live in America are missing out on something.

It's for sure that we have our own unique cultural festivities in Australia:

For example: Have you heard of the world famous Melbourne Cup? Only in Australia would there be such magnificent celebrations, including fashions, food, wine - and yes, public holidays. But, when everything is said and done, all of this is just for a horse race!!

Or how about our Henley-on-Todd. This is a full blown sailing and water sport regatta in Alice Springs right in the centre of Australia. The atmosphere on the Todd River is awesome. The yacht races and the other features are exciting. And the partying continues for days. Thousands of people fly in from all over Australia to witness the spectacle. Again, you see, this could only happen in Australia. Much of central Australia is waterless desert. The Todd River itself almost never has any water in it. But the event goes on regardless and ahs become an awesome cultural classic!

Yes, like our American friends, we have Christmas and New Year and Easter and other special days and holidays. It's true that we don't have July 4th, but we do have an Australia Day. It's also true that many of these celebrations include sumptuous quantities of food and drink and family and fun.

What we don't have in Australia that sometimes makes me feel like we are missing out is a season of Thanksgiving. We don't have turkey and Cranbury sauce and exuberant gatherings of friends and relatives. And we don't have a day that is dedicated to giving thanks for all the good things that we have in our land.

And that's why, at this time of the year, retired or not, I feel a bit like we are missing out here in Australia!

Graham Wright, Encounter Bay, South Australia

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Thanksgiving not in the Tropics/Sub Tropics
by: Gal of the Tropics

You are definitely s Southerner - want a 'full-on' hot dinner in November No thanks -Just enjoy Xmas in July celebrations - then a hot dinner is palatable.

Melbourne Cup NOT a public holiday up here, either. Now a holiday for the Birdsville Cup or Mt Isa Rodeo would be nice.

Thanksgiving in Australia
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Graham Wright;

After the USA was born and had its first president, the Congress asked George Washington to establish a day of thanks.

The trials the early settlers went through - like Valley Forge and the small army barely able to stay alive through horrendous winters never mind dealing with a new primitive world. Many families felt lucky they survived.

Some health professionals maintain that if we gave thanks for something every day, it could actually affect the human body and its longevity in a good way.

Many people in the US create "Gratitude Journals" and write every day what they are thankful for...... Right now I am thankful you wrote in to remind us all of how important thankfulness is.

You can adopt this holiday in your own family as your own way of celebrating what you appreciate-- plus enjoy turkey , sage stuffing , mashed potatoes and gravy with cranberry sauce and squash and the seasons's harvest. . Many blessings.

Australia Sounds Like a Great Place
by: Linda/Nevada

We Americans always manage to ruin holidays because of our over zealous appetite for money. Capitalism runs in our veins and clogs our arteries. We rush through our turkey dinner so we can spend all our hard earned money for things that might be forgotten about in less than a year.

This year I am going to have to try very, very hard to find anything to be thankful for. I know, everybody says be grateful for your health. I have spent the last five months battling a vicious case of hives because my doctor has prescribed medications that set my body on fire with unbearable itching. Right now my health is the worst it has ever been.

Everyday I read about the possible changes our newly elect president plans to make. Most of them could cause hardships for me and millions of other people.

Happy Turkey Day!

by: Anonymous

You are kidding right? We are already way too Americanised. Have your turkey and cranberry sauce at Christmas.

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