by Ricardo

It is interesting the memories that flow as holidays approach.

I think that we all have thoughts about specific holidays and the traditions and foods that go along with them. often times those recipes from Mom or Dad, or Aunt Mary, or Grandma, those "favorites" are lost forever when that person passes on. Sometimes they are passed on and those loved ones live on thru their recipes for generations!

This is certainly the time of year to dig out those "favorites", head to the kitchen and prepare them with a smile on your face and a good thought of past holidays and the loved one that spent time over the years making families happy with their favorite touches in the kitchen.....time to pass the turkey, AND pass those recipes and love on to future generations....Happy Thanksgiving to one and ALL!

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by: Irwin Lengel

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends at Retirement-online.

Happy Thanksgiving
by: Guinn

...and a Happy Thanksgiving to you too Ricardo. I enjoyed your post...yes precious times and bountiful blessings. God bless you.

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