The adventure together ended and life goes on with and without her

As you say it is destined that one of you will lose your spouse or significant other. Julie battled cancer for 6 years and I was lucky enough to be by her side.

I went back to work and that helped me cope and now I just lost my job. Will have to find myself again and I will.

I had over 42 years with the best partner in the world so I cannot complain. I am trying to keep my life adventure going with the right attitude in every situation.

There is a course I took for work on situational leadership and I think it applies to retirement. Look at every encounter and situation as a chance to learn and lead. Julie had a natural way of communicating with complete strangers and in that situation developing a human contact with all the good people out there while maintaining a clever sense of humor.

She showed this metal in all the treatments she went through and found a way to smile and laugh sometimes through the process.

She still inspires me!!

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