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I'm old, at least my body is.... but my mind is 30
by: Gerry

Good writing, hope to hear from you so we can communicate further. I am a very active 78. The knees are not good but the mind is great. Let's talk further.

by: Nina

This article inspired and encouraged me. Lately I've been reflecting on the same thing.

We are obsessed with "youth" because the media markets the unique, vital and exciting age that is between let's say 17 to 35. Then we begin to worry or get concerned about aging.

So as I wrinkle up I look in the mirror and ask do I enjoy this phase of my life ... or do I feel a loss of self esteem because I'm not the 20 year old young woman?

What I've done is I've begun to say positive things about my age and growing old. For truly each age is special. Would I really want to go back to a different time when I didn't test my inner character. The trials that we go through build character and the wisdom to learn from life can never be replaced.

It is part of the adventure of our journey.

Wendy: Well said, Nina!!

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