The Bad and Good News

by John A
(Tyler, TX)

So they call it the Golden Years as we retire? I think if we polished the golden years, we would discover they were actually brass.

Now that I am older and retired, I've discovered my eye sight is not as good as it once was. Today I misplaced my eye glasses and could not read a thing.

The bad part about this is that I took the wrong medication and served myself some awful crunchy food.

The good part is that I will be free of fleas, ticks, heartworm and no longer suffer hair balls. And the malt flavored Laxitone for cats is pretty tasty stuff.

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The Good and Bad
by: Diane

You are too funny. I might get a tick collar for myself. Sounds like a good idea. lol

Rock On !


Good News or.... seeing in a new light
by: Elna Nugent

Dear Bad and Good News:

I assume you are under the care of an ophthamologist.

When I had my "eyes done" cataracts removed etc I went home thinking I was eleven years old, I felt so in touch with the if a miracle had occurred.

I just turned 88 and I don't wear glasses at all during the day or to read or use the computer. I drive all the time. I was given glasses if I had to drive after dusk or if it is dark and stormy.

Or .......maybe you can have a second pair of glasses that you always keep in one place for emergencies and can always get your hands on them. Blessings.

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