The Big Beastly Adventure (aka 2 Fat People in an RV)

by Nui

I posted earlier that my plan is to hit the road in my RV and some people asked about whether I was blogging.

In fact, my brother and I started a blog this past summer (2 Fat People in an RV), to document our trip from Vancouver to Northern Ontario via the USA.

Since I'll be on my own from now on, I've re-named it the Big Beastly Adventure (, since my nickname for the RV is The Beast. I also tow my little Toyota Echo (Zippy), for a total of 50 feet of driving adventure.

Any other solo women RV'ers on this website?

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Big Beastly
by: Nui

Hi Joe,

The Beast does like to eat gas - but it is kind of offset by the savings I have in motel rooms and meals in restaurants.

There are quite a few solo women travellers out there, although most seem to favor the smaller van conversions. I like having space because in the summer I camp in one spot and I would get claustrophobic if I had to leave in a mini-van.

I was surprised at how easy it was to drive the Beast and tow a car. All in all, it's a lot of fun!

Big Beastly
by: Joe W.

Nui,Hi, How is your Big Beast doing? Does the RV eat up gasoline, vegetable oil or some other energy alternative?

I didn't know that there could be many women taking their RV on a solo Journey. I was shocked the other day when I saw a news special where they interviewed a single women whose own vehicle was her home and the possessions she had was whatever she had stuffed into her own vehicle.

One woman was 69 years old who said that you have to be tough living in this down economy and also said that she was still dreaming of a golden retirement.

Joe W.

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