The Bitter sweet ReNewal

by Faith N

I joined this forum a year ago in distress. The system locked me out as I live in Kenya.

I opted to retire at the age of 51 due to workplace bullying. It took me 12 years of misery and stress to finally get courage to leave. One year, two months later, I feel awesome. I have recaptured my value as a human being, I dream of living a full life. Other than the loss of income I love my new life.

To fill my time,i am trying my hand in small scale vegetable farming to generate income.

After retiring, I trained to become a coach, hope to influence a few people to nurture healthy workplace relationships.

As a single mum it gets challenging moving forward, making decisions with no one to bounce ideas on.

I worry about not using my time Productively. My other concern is adjusting my lifestyle to avoid depleting my finance. Some nights sleep eludes me due to fear of tomorrow. I trust I have many years ahead of me and hope I can maintain my lifestyle without being employed but through coaching.

For networking with value, I joined a public speaking club to be with people and perfect my public speaking skills.

Joining Bible Study international keeps my spiritual life nourished.

I love life in retirement as I get to choose what to do. I believe in myself and my worth more than when I was working. The scary part is what if my finances run out? I pray I get paying coaching clients to supplement my income.

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The Audacity of Hope
by: Nina London

Reading your message I just want to encourage you to HOPE!

Don't think thoughts that block you but think of how you will prosper, have good health, benefit from your hard work...and most of all believe.

There are people who even though they believe in God begin to doubt and question. But those that put their faith in Him know they are safe and protected. Whatever you need He will provide. I have seen it in my life and know that no matter time He gives us what we need and more.

Just to encourage you! Renewal comes every morning.

Best Wishes, Nina

Vegetable Farming
by: Joe W.

Hi Faith! I believe you have what too many seniors don't have. And that is the right mindset to turn your ideas into money generating small businesses.

Vegetable Farming or anything in the agricultural field might be a good place to start for you. Find out what your best skills are because it's hard to make money at businesses you know little or nothing about.

Are you familiar with Muhammad Yunus? He is the Author of a book, Creating a World Without Poverty. His idea was being a Banker to the Poor.

Joe W.

Kenya Coach
by: Wendy


Start a Group for Kenya Lifestyles on Facebook--- engage folks with ideas and activities.

You'll get interaction from interested parties and build that Know-Like-Trust factor.

Best Wishes!

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