The Blue Cabin, Gladwin MI

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

The Little Blue Cabin, Gladwin MI

The Little Blue Cabin, Gladwin MI

Earlier this year, Terry and I found a cabin about two hours north of us and bought it. It's blue, very blue. I love its blue oddness! It's very small, two bedrooms (one for us, one for my sister/husband), just perfect!

I've been spending time there lately, so very quiet and peaceful. We've only got 4 neighbors and are relatively secluded. The cabin is located on a small river, just below a dam, so the river is constantly flowing by, lovely!

There are Amish nearby, love hearing the clip-clop of the horse and buggies driving by! Yesterday Terry heard very loud booming music, in our quiet place, and couldn't believe it was an Amish Buggy! Probably a young person who hides a boom box somewhere and can only listen while he is out and about...

It was fairly chilly up there two weeks ago, but we had the heat on and it was warm and cozy. I loved watching the river flow by... totally at peace. Exactly what I needed at this point in life... so grateful!

Last year, my two nephews purchased cottages in Gladwin Michigan (about 2 hours away). They have FIVE daughters between them... crazy cousin girls! :). Now the whole family can spend time up north to chill out.

I never expected to have much time to visit the cabin, but suddenly, I do... so blessed!

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Blue Cabin
by: Irwin - Auburndale, FL

Enjoy! That's what retirement is all about. Trying new things without the restraints of the job.

For a few years we traveled in conversion van's, then a motor home. Fun times.

After that we traveled via cruises with friends.

Good times. Wishing you and your hubby the best.

Wendy: Yes, this is finally time to do! Love the cabin life right now! Thanks Irwin!

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