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I had put it off for several years, but, I knew that it was inevitable as summer follows spring and as dawn follows dusk. The eternal cycle of birth and death.

My wife had been pushing me to purchase my "eternal" resting place for some time, BUT, I did not want to address the topic of my own mortality. We had buried both of my parents in the last few years as well as my mates mother, those were not easy times. Then, of late we laid her father to rest, that was the end of our parents, we had both become orphans!

I had never given that term much thought as it applied to ONLY children, young children. Now, as senior citizens, it applied to us, and I was not comfortable with the fact that we were "next in line." This was not a pleasant thought, but it was reality.

So, as we drove to the cemetery where both my wife and I would rest for eternity, I began trying to put my arms around the concept of "eternity." I found it impossible to do. We would be at the same location as my parents as well as a number of aunts and uncles that have been in that "eternity" mode for a number of years.

We met with an individual at the office and then followed to the area where the crypts were located. We looked around and choose a location...a bit low for wife would be cremated and her urn put in my crypt.

We returned to the office, signed the paper work, paid and left......all a bit disturbing to say the least. The following morning my wife suggested that we go back and choose another location and in fact wanted her own crypt for her!

We had to go thru the entire process once again this time choosing crypts at eye level...she was content and I was flustered as well as depressed. She suggested that we visit the graves of my parents which we did. It was a VERY melancholy day to say the least.

As I gazed at my parents graves and remembered all of the relatives that we would be joining, it left me with a void inside......could this really happen to us?

Will I be in this crypt here in this town, in this cemetery, with my name in bronze for eternity?

Well, my assignments on earth are not quite over yet, my other half is now planning a European cruise, so I guess the crypts will be on hold for awhile.......I hope!

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The Crypt..Why worry about it?
by: John A . / Tyler, TX

If my memory serves me correctly, there is a verse in the Bible that says "let the dead bury the dead".

**Luke 9:60 -- New International Version -- Jesus said to him, "Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God."**

As I think about that verse, I think it is important that each of us live life to the fullest extent that we can...To treat others as we want to be treated...To have a purpose in life.

For those who have a belief in God and live according to His desires, the life we live here is only part of an everlasting journey. For those who do not have a belief, this is it when the life's flame is extinguished.

My personal view is to not focus on where and how I will be treated after I cash in my chips. The body is only a vessel where my spirit resided and only to go on elsewhere after life comes to an end as we know it. I feel I will see friends and family elsewhere in a different level of conscientiousness. Many call it heaven.

We all came into this world without anything and we will leave it the same way. What is important is the time spent in between those two events and how we live it. After things are over, we return to dust or ashes.

To be concerned about whether our remains are in a box 6' under or in a crypt misses the real point of being remembered. It's how we celebrate our life and others that is important. It's about how we positively impacted the lives of loved ones. The box, the urn or where my body rests is the least of my worries.

Finding comfort
by: Karen/United States

Greetings Ricardo,

I ,too, get a feeling of melancholia when I think of death. I wish I could be like my late mother-in-law.

She was a very strong person and had a very strong and secure spiritual life. She loved life and enjoyed each day to the fullest. She had many friends and was an inspiration to everyone, friends and family alike. She lived by herself at home until she was 95.

After her death we found her journals. Each entry was short but very uplifting. She thought about death but only mater-of-factly I guess because of her strong faith. We could always rely on her for her strength and help.

When I go to the cemetery I take a lawn chair so I can sit and "visit" for awhile. It is a very beautiful cemetery and very peaceful. I find it very comforting. My husband and I have our plots next to his parents. My parents are there also. I find that a comfort.

I hope you too can find some comfort.

Humbling thoughts
by: Retd. Prof. Durgeshkumar Srivastava, C3, Janakpuri, New Delhi, India

It was thought provoking to read Ricardo's article The Crypt and Wendy Fishers profound comment.

The people of the Hindu faith cremate their dead dear ones by firen and the remaining ashes are immersed in river waters at holy places to eventually find their way into the oceans.

Then follows a memorial ritual lasting from 4 days to 13 - 17 days. This ritual consists of gathering of dear ones for prayers, distribution of food to learned persons and poor, donations to the same people. Some families observe an annual memorial ritual of remembrance and feeding the poor.

I distribute fruits among the poor to remember my late parents. I also plant trees to remember them. Some such trees have already achieved heights of 30 to 50 feet.

The Crypt (Not for me)
by: Dean/ Nashville TN

I find the idea of viewing the embalmed body and then parading it to a place of beautiful real estate for interment repulsive. I have nothing against those whose ideas are different from mine. My wife and I have a similar outlook.

Our plan for after our demise is to be cremated and then have our ashes disbursed at an undisclosed location.

Recently I had a dear friend who after a long bout with cancer die. This man was a fun, vibrant and caring individual. When cancer finally took him he was a pitiful, shrunken shadow of himself. I was shocked to see the coffin open for viewing at the church. I doubt my friend would have approved.

Well, just wanted to share my thoughts.

No crypt for me if possible
by: Anonymous

I would rather be composted and returned to the farm land in the area, it clearly will not matter to me what is done to my empty husk.

The crypt
by: Your Name/Location

You won't reside in the crypt but because your souls will leave your body and only your body will remain in the crypt.. I have plans to be taken back to my hometown and put beside my mom and step dad.

I have no qualms about dying because I know my soul will move up to heaven (I hope) as soon as I am put in.

May God bless you sir.

Eternal Thoughts
by: Char/TX/USA


Do not want to offend anyone here or you so please take this as it is intended - to offer comfort and peace with this topic.

First - I too have been there - done that with facing the thoughts of death/dying/eternity.

When I was not yet 13 years old, my sister died with cancer. My Dad bought a large head stone with our family name on it and there were 4 plots there...each had the name and birth date on it for our family members - including my sister who had her death date on it. There in stone was my name and birth date - pretty deep for a young teen to deal with - that and the loss of her only sibling.

None the less --- death and eternity is something I have often pondered yet also run from thinking about as well --

I am getting into my winter years now...and am so thankful that I finally came to know Christ Jesus as my Savior - and to understand that death of this body does not mean death to us as in our spirit - which is "who" we really are. The Bible tells us that for those who believe and follow Christ that "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord".

I would like to suggest to you (and your wife) if you have never read the two following books you might consider them as a source of comfort and information that will change your life.

"Heaven" By Randy Alcorn

"A Purpose Driven Life" By Rick Warren

Blessing and peace to you.


Cremation Burials
by: Wendy


My parents took me to the cemetery a few years ago and showed me their cremation crypts... they chose two crypts just above eye level, on the outside of the building, in the SUNshine. They explained that anyone visiting could be warmer, any time of the year.

Around Christmas, we went to put wreaths at my grandparents graves and they suggested looking at theirs again. Well -- they had changed locations, I didn't know, and were now inside the building...

The WEIRD thing is that the brass plates were already there with their names, and birth years... just no year for their death... yet.

The three of us just stood there -- kinda shocked to see their names there, already!

Terry and I need to do this... some day soon.

Uggg is right.

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