The Dementia Missing

by Hiroshi Fukushima
(Koshi, Kumamoto, Japan )

The newspaper says that the number of dementia missing was 17,565 in Japan in 2020 and this is the highest. Most of them were found soon, but 527 out of 17,565 died in an accident.

As I am old enough and its candidate, I am very careful to prevent or prolong it. There are three things I am doing now.

One is to practice English. It is said that learning a foreign language is good for it and that few bilinguals have dementia.

Second is to play igo, a board game. I have been playing it since I was young.

Third is to sing karaoke. Singing songs is also good.

What are you doing? Nothing? You are a prime candidate for dementia.

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by: Georgia

I am 73 and in pretty good health. Active and read lots. Stay away from the TV and the untruthful news. Worry about our counter, my grown children and grandchildren in this world climate.

My grandmother had dementia or Alzheimer’s back in early 50’s. I was only 4 but remember what it did to her. Not a good thing.

I have had two cancers, had two surgeries for it, and tested for briss1 and 2 cancer gene. I did not have the mutation but my three daughters did. They have all had hysterectomies and one daughter had double mastectomy to hopefully prevent these cancers. Their paternal side has been proven to carry the gene.

I am hopeful with the advance in medicine that a genetic marker can predict Alzheimer’s and possibly dementia then a plan for cure or stabilization will occurs.

I don’t do everything I should diet wise to stay healthy but I am pretty good about not eating red meat and too many sugars.

But in the end only God knows our past present and future. Be happy, laugh, walk, stay interested, read and turn off that darn tv.

Thank you, Carol!
by: Hiroshi

Thank you very much for your comment.
I am awfully sorry to hear that your mother was so active and got Alzheimer’s. Something like this happens in the world. Nevertheless, let’s do something better as you say.
Thank you.

Thank you for your comment
by: Hiroshi

Thank you very much for telling me about yourself. It’s good for you to be so active. I hope you will be strong and healthy from now on. Thank you very much.

dementia delays
by: Anonymous


I practice french using online Duolingo for free.

I watch French subtitles on Netflix some of the time.

I got a residential permit, learned rules, hired contractors, submitted appeals to the city, and got a basement bedroom, bathroom, and wet bar final approvals.

I learned about pancreatic cancer when I was helping a friend.

I bought my own online airline tickets.

The Dementia Missing
by: Carol, Canada

My mother kept her mind active well into her older years. And still got Alzheimers.

She was always very active mentally and physically. she read, knit, kept up on politics, hunted, fished, camped, the list goes on.

When she retired she volunteered a day, at a hospital. She came to take her grandkids to the beach every weekend. Had us over for cards, board games, etc.

Always learning a new thing, once she took a wood working course and a course on how to fix your own car. She insulated her whole house while her husband looked up.

They both got Alzheimer's at the same time. The doctor told me that sometimes it's hereditary, sometimes medication causes it. She was on some medication. she got it around age 81. Her sister is almost 100 and only just got it.

My husband's mother never read, or had hobbys or did anything. And her mind was sharp as can be at age 84 when she passed away.

So I'm confused. But just in case I do a lot things with my mind. I do crosswords, play Scrabble, read non-fiction, play on coloring apps, walk my dog, take pictures of nature.

I can only hope.

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