The first two months - this rocks!

by Kaylee

Well, here I am, two and a half months into retirement and this is what I have realized:

1. All these household activities I planned on doing when I had time, remain undone and are likely to remain so and I don't care.

2. I have cogitated, meditated, and followed a number of self-help suggestions to define the new me and am still the old me.

3. I have not had any urge to join clubs or to volunteer as I am still waiting for number 2.

4. I can have breakfasts and lunches that last longer than one hour as I have no meetings scheduled.

I have become that most undesirable character in the corporate world - the underachiever.

This is not as simple as it sounds. Transitioning from being a lifelong overachiever to a laid back underachiever takes discipline and stamina. I expect to be closer to mastery when summer comes and I can practise from a lounge chair in the sun.

For now, if I find myself thinking about making a "to do" list I simply take a nap and the urge goes away.

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Great Article!
by: Stephanie

Love it! Good to know I'm not alone in my underachieving!

LOVE this!!
by: Betsy

I love this post!! It reminds me a LOT of myself.

I have been retired for 7 months and still have not had the urge to tackle my to do list or any other list...and without any guilt too!! And I love those naps!!!

I retired with no big plan. I decided to just figure it out as I went! For right now I just enjoy BEING and not having to answer to anyone, any schedule or any thing!!

I don't feel the need to be appreciated or validated - nor do I look for anyone's approval. I love the freedom of going to the grocery store on a weekday morning instead of cramming it in on the weekend when its so crowded. I love sleeping until I feel like getting up and I no longer care if I stay awake checking the clock every half hour while NOT worrying anymore when I can't sleep!

I suppose the new me will emerge eventually...or not :-)

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