The Heartbreak of Living in a Capitalist Society

by Linda

I have finally stopped crying so that I can write this posting. I am still angry and sad so maybe writing about my situation will give me closure.

I adopted a cat from a local animal shelter on a Saturday. He was so sweet and docile that I fell in love with this cat immediately. I was so happy to have a living being in my home to love and care for.

I took him to the vet for a wellness exam and there were medical issues. I had purchased a wellness plan because I wanted to be a good pet owner. I had to return to the vet for a second visit the following day. They did very little to relieve his pain and informed me that an x-ray would cost $267 and there was no guarantee that the x-ray would tell them where the problem was. I had to decline because I had already spent over $100 for other charges for the first visit. I had to make the heartbreaking decision to return him to the shelter because I did not want to let him suffer anymore. He was not eating, barely drinking and was unable to use the litter box.

I surrendered him to the shelter the following Saturday. My anger comes from the idea that animals and even people die because there are no funds available for medical care.

What kind of society are we that animals and people have to die because of money. I am tired of hearing that capitalism is good for everyone. I lost my beautiful, sweet cat because the vet kept wanting more and more money. I am now in debt for over $300 and my cat suffered to the end.

Shame on capitalism!

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The Blame Starts with the Shelter
by: Ben - KY

I'm an old retired Vet that at one time served on the border between East and West Germany. So, I know a little bit about the society you think would have been's not.

I'm a huge pet lover having owned many over the years. I was very sorry to read about your cat. The shelter didn't do their job and the vet is charging more than any I've ever had for a xray.

Capitalism is not perfect, but I believe in the long run, it's the best system.

Yes, there are hoops to jump through, but if you ever find yourself needing a nursing home and you can't afford it on your own...there is Medicaid. It will cover your room, meals, and meds, and trips to the hospital when you need it.

Remember, when people want things at a greatly reduced price..or free, someone has to put that money in to make it all work.

I know you feel bad, I would too. But please, place the blame where it belongs.

Suffering of animals
by: Nina from London

There would be so much happiness if we lived in a Utopia...however, the reality is that neither a capitalist country or a socialist country can be the answer. What we need is a social democracy like Sweden or Norway where there are many programs. But, their taxes are very high so that they have a high standard of living. They take care of animals!

Those that take care of their animals would also take care of their people.

I am so sorry for the loss of your pet. May you be comforted.

Best Wishes, Nina

Don't Blame Capitalism
by: John A. / Tyer, Tx

Yes, in a capitalist society medical can be expensive and out of reach for some. In a socialist or communist society, many of those same procedures procedures are not available, rationed or you are put on a very long waiting list before getting the help you need. Often times an insensitive bureaucrat acting as God will decide whether you get treatment or not.

Be careful for what you wish for since you may very well get what you ask. Who are you going to blame then? There is no perfect system.

by: Anonymous

I love capitalism, just saying.

Capitalist Society
by: Linda/Nevada

Except for one posting, thank you for all the kind words about my cat.

I still think it is immoral and cruel to put money before animal or human life.

A large component of capitalism is the attainment of wealth and a large number of capitalists will put their thirst for money before the welfare of living beings.

Capitalism gives businesses and professionals the motivation to charge outrageous prices and fees at the expense of those who need the products or services the most. Just look at the current disaster our healthcare system is facing now. Don't forget about the pharmaceutical companies that have raised their prices, for essential drugs, to levels that have put people's health in danger.

Which is more important, money or life?

by: Lynn Utah

So sorry for your loss but it's not capitalism that is at fault. Plenty of countries do not even have pets and bets because they are socialist and the people are so poor they could not even afford the food.

Something is wrong with your shelter for one thing, a sick pet should not be adopted out without informing the buyer and helping with fudnds to bring the animal to health (at first). Second not a very helpful vet, did you look around and price things? That is a ridiculous price for an xray.

People die all over the world where there is not capitalism, from illness, torture, muder, etc, it isn't capitalism that does that. capitalism has made the greatest society and the best living conditions for the most people in history.

Again, sorry for your loss. I have pets and love them, they are very good for your emotional and physical health. Try again, perhaps from petco or somewhere like that?

Good luck.

Very sorry for your loss
by: Donna Augusta, Mo

Linda, I am so sorry about your cat! This happened to me about 10 years ago. I was given the sweetest cat by a friend that had rescued her. I too took her to the vet. She was diagnosed with feline leukemia.I had a dog already, was working at the time but, I couldn't afford treatment. She had to be put to sleep.

Please know I feel your pain.
I hope you can find another healthy cat.

Giving back
by: Michigan

So sorry to hear about your experience giving back to animals is such a wonderful thing especially those who have been neglected or abandoned.

At our local shelter all animals are vet checked before adoption or released to foster homes and adoptees sign an agreement to get check-ups, shots and neutering. Since the center is run mostly by volunteers including the vets the fee for adoption is some what higher than other places but at least that way you shouldn't have any major medical issues occur.

You might consider volunteering at your local center but watch your heart because it's a hard thing to leave the cutie pies and go home. I myself don't volunteer at the center although I have a friend who does I find helping with the fundraisers easier on my heart but the money raised all goes to the center.

I do the annual 5 K Mutt Strut event and it generates a lot of money plus is a full filled day with animal lovers.

I agreed that denying medical care for anyone human or animal because of money is terrible but I think it is amazing that our society has all these wonderful people and companies that give back so much and aren't concerned about money.

Keep giving back because as much as you need someone to love so do the animals need you to love them and help take care of them.

Dog Lover

Capitalist Society
by: Sherry, Wilmington/NC

Vetenarians are expensive. I had 3 pets at one time and it was costly.

Everytime I took my dog to the Vet he needed a shot for something or the other.

You know years ago when I was much younger people didn't take their pets to the Vet all of the time.

You can only do so much.

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