The Hot Days of Summer

by Nancy
(Cleveland, Ohio)

The temperature that July day soared to 95. My brother and I, joined by the little boys next door, sat on our front steps, awaiting the arrival of the milk truck.

When it arrived, we hurried to it, clamoring for ice. The smiling driver gave each of us a cube of ice, which we held while we ran back to the porch. We chomped into these already melting treats.

Now I smile as I remember these long ago days and the early1950s method of delivering milk, kept from spoiling by ice cube treats.

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Milk Box in the back of our home
by: Wendy

I remember getting milk from the milk man... we had a milk box in the back of the house. Just a tiny door, where he could leave the milk, and it sat between the inside door and the outside door -- until mom brought it inside to the frig.

Later, in the 60s and 70s, we'd use it as a quick and easy way to get into the house... it was cool. Nobody else in the neighborhood had one!

As we grew into teens, and left our house key inside, we'd do the same.. only at that point, we were bigger and didn't fit so easily. Soo, we'd have to travel in at an angle... shoulders and hips needing that width between the corners just fit perfectly! HA!

Thanks for the memory!

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