by Donald Campton
(Kianga New south wales)

The days are not getting any shorter but to me it seems they are.

I am rising earlier and after doing a few jobs like sweeping the tiles and getting the dogs breakfast and my own breakfast, it is time to get my clothing on. It's time for to walk the dogs... that is if "she who must be obeyed" has graced the day with her presence and finished her cross word and of course her breakfast.

Any way when I have spoken with friends overseas and we have a natter for a while (thank heavens for Skype and Yahoo chat) , the time is for coffee and a biscuit and working starts (like this morning, was lawn cutting day and checking up on e-mails). Wouldn't do to miss them!

Now it's lunch time (dinner time/ tucker time etc) and dog dinner time. it is time for work doing other things like cleaning up the mess from the lawn thing-o.

3pm comes round, Oh boy I can do my own thing now. sit down start the computer and do some drawing.

The day has turned to night or nearly so-- night dogs, cook tea, drink it and watch the news then "wake up its time to go to bed" comes the voice of authority.

Where the hell did my day go?

must be getting shorter...

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Sounds familiar! Time flies when you're retired!

Never a truer word
by: Gordon Kinghorn

Superb contribution and extremely well-penned, I could not agree more with the profound message contained within your article - never has time flown so quickly since commencing my own retirement years - the days are becoming a blur - its Formula One without the car - but I sure as hell feel some days - that I am on a racetrack to beat the clock - never realised sadly!

Day in/out

It's so true.

Ageing In Place
by: Joe W.

Donald, Hi! It's good to hear from you again. I think that your a good example of a senior that is 'Aging in Place' where your home is the center of the Universe.

Do you think that seniors in the future will have most of their activities centered around their own home OR will we see a 'new seniors lifestyle paradigm' where more seniors will take risks and learn new things; which might entice some seniors to have their 'new activities' be their center of the universe?

In my case, it's the Seniorpreneur Project that is basically the center of my universe, not my home.

Joe W.

how true
by: diane/canada

I can sure relate to what you say. I feel the days just wizz by. Now that I am retired and trying to do all of the things that I never had time to do before there are not enough hours in the day.

When I was working I had two days a week off now that I am retired I seem to only get one day off. My days are filled with volunteering. I was a social worker in my career life, now I am volunteering in an accounting office, doing receptionist at a senior centre, belong to two Boards as secretary and do any other jobs that need doing like decorating for the events at the centre.

The time is flying by and I must admit that is a bit scary.

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