The Humorous Side of Growing Older

by John A.
(Tyler, TX)

As I have grown older, there are three things that I have learned so far:

1) I am not going to worry about growing older. We all do dumb stuff, we just do it a little slower.

2) As we grow older, we must remain positive. For example, I fell down the stairs the other day. Instead of being upset, I just thought "Wow, that's the fastest I've moved in years."

3) It is NEVER too late to be what you want to be....unless you want to be younger. In that case, we are all screwed.

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Humorous Side Of Growing Older Response
by: Ken San Diego

Yes growing older is a riot! I went to the drug store to buy me a pair of support socks, but couldn't see the small print, so I went to the reading glasses section and borrowed a pair!

While getting measured for a pair of slacks, the tailor was measuring around my waist, and I said "I'm 26" and he just replied, sure you are, sure you are!

Everthing drops when you get older.. my elderly neighbor said, that her boobs are so droopy, she can breastfeed the cockroaches on the sidewalk! OMG! Bad image!

Oh the joys of getting older, now what do I take today? Exlax? or Immodium?

by: Donna, Augusta, Mo

Thanks for sharing. I too am trying to keep a sense of humor about this aging thing. I have this discussion with my mom everyday she is always looking back at me in the mirror these days if you know what I mean?

by: Cindi H

I like your humor. My husband can twist things like that. He was on a ladder (fortunately not too high) and the ladder started to fall. He says the only thing that went through his head is "oh oh this is going to hurt" before he hit the concrete. Fortunately had no ill effects other than seeing stars for a moment but just the way he said it was so funny.

by: S

Definitely the truth.
Especially the last.

I like optimism when it's...the other day my dog pushed me over on his way to see a dog friend. I had a sore bottom but thought "I fell and did not break or sprain anything my bones are strong".

But I don't like birthday cards that mention age whether humorous or not. On my birthday please j ust say something pleasant like Happy Birthday or Have a good time Or Here's to a great year ahead.

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