The Job Jumping Trucker

by Tom Leitch
(Clinton Township, MI)

I suffered from what I called "The Grass is Greener Syndrome".

Back twenty years ago trucking jobs were more than plentiful. If for some nit-picky reason I didn't like my employer I'd merely quit and have a new job the next day. I got plenty of scolding from my wife but she tolerated me.

I can only estimate that I had about 100 jobs in twenty some years. In time jobs got fewer and fewer. Although I had good experience men half my age were getting jobs that I wanted and very much needed. Eventually I was left to pick up the crumbs so to speak. No legitimate trucking company would hire me.

In time my rotator cups wore out and I couldn't pass a DOT physical. My exiting trucking was with a wimper and my wife became the bread winner by default.

C'est la vie.

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Good Memories
by: Pedro

Hi i have many good memories of being a Truck driver. 18 wheelers for 37 years. I'm now retired, due to eye trouble, (missing dots). maybe you could reply.


spartacus61 at

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