The latest medicare/Social Security idiocy

by Lynne Perry
(Knoxville, TN)

I retired July 1st of this year at the age of 70.

I was notified that my Medicare Part B premium was going from $121.80 to $134.00 which is $12.20 more per month.

A week ago I got a letter from SS telling me the SS benefits were increasing by 0.3% for a cost of living increase. Yes, a big whopping 0.3%, translating to approximately $6.00 more per month.

So, my SS check will be smaller in 2017 than it is now!! On what planet do these stinking politicians think 0.3% covers inflation??????????

I'm really glad I've been able to get a part time job as a cashier. It not only gets me out of the house, making the retirement transition easier, but it will help with the rising costs of everything!

Old age isn't for the weak.

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old age
by: Anonymous

When I was younger ( late 30's), I remember reading a story about old people eating dog food to keep from going hungry and I thought that can not be true.

i just did not know how wrong I was. Now at age 68, I will say the last thing any one needs is to live to be old in this country.

Still Love the USA!
by: Dean/ Nashville TN

Yes I agree there is plenty of room for improvement but based on my experience the USA is still a great place to live and retire.

I am speaking mostly based on my own experience. My wife and I retired 4 years ago and are living quite comfortably on Social Security, Medicare and our squirreled away savings.

Our income is so low that we haven't paid income tax since we've retired. In spite of this we will still live well. Having paid our house off before retirement goes a long way towards achieving our goal.

We are grateful for all we have and don't yearn for what we don't need.

Retirement Income
by: Anonymous

Do you think that the government should supply ALL the resources required in your retirement life OR should we fight for more tax credits to build our own retirement resources?

I personally favour the second option and this is another reason that I have set up the Seniorpreneur Project to help seniors 50+ with the topics of Lifelong Learning & Senior Entrepreneurship?

Joe W.

ss increase by .03%
by: mildred/tn

I feel your pain but this is the first increase we have had in some time. And this is the results it usually brings... If u can find a way to "get your money making money" for you, you will have found the secret.. .

Getting out of the house is good.Having good health enough to be able to get a part time job is great.

I use "you Tube" to see how other less fortune people manage to budget their life. Some helps and some not.

For me it is not one thing but a group of things that help-coupons,flyers w/ on sale items or BOGOF. MYO washing detergent. Only going to grocery store 1xmonth has helped me also. Seems for me gas is cheaper on a Wed. instead of the week end. I try to do all my shopping and errands on one day.

I talked to a staff member at the rental car place. She has an elderly lady who rents a car 1xmonth to do all her shopping and errands allowing her to have her independence, etc. It works for her.

We Are At the Mercy of Politics
by: Linda/Nevada

It is hard to accept that our lives are being manipulated by politicians and capitalists. The United States may be one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but it is not a place to retire unless you have abundant resources.

Our healthcare system ranks way below other countries in the industrial world and politicians have no conscience when it comes to dealing with the elderly and the sick. It's all about money and not about morals.

I have played with the idea of moving to a foreign country where the healthcare system is not polluted by the pharmaceutical companies and the cost of living is reasonable. If I did not have my daughter, I would seriously consider relocating to a foreign country but if I moved I would probably not be able to see my daughter on a regular basis.

I am not proud to be an American but I am trapped in a country that doesn't view their elderly citizens as a valuable segment of the population.

I'm sure that some of you, who are reading this post, think I'm a disloyal and unpatriotic person. I don't care what other people think. I speak harshly of the United States based on my personal state of living.

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