The nightmare of retirement

by Gina

I dreamed of retirement for years. I am (was) a free-lance writer with over 200 articles and one book published.

Mother & I were best friends & we planned things to do. When I had a chance at early retirement, I grabbed it. Everything has gone bad since that very day.

I had a rough time getting my novel published, & when it came out, I got awful reviews. The paper I wrote for had a takeover & I'm still not sure what will happen there. Had trouble rolling over my IRA, even more trouble with health ins. As soon as my dental ins expired, I broke 2 teeth. Had trouble with an online firm & had to get legal help. Other things too.

I wondered, what more could happen?

In Jan 2015 Mother tried to move the couch, injured her back, took too much ibuprofen, got a GI bleed. One thing led to another. She died in April.

She had been the most healthy, active, with-it 86 yr old you ever could find. It's unbelievable how my life turned into such a nightmare once I retired.

My job was obsolete anyway, so I probably would have been laid off eventually.

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Giving Up

It seems as though the more I read these posts from soon to be or recent retirees, the more I think, how did they cope with the problems of life prior to retirement?

We are ALWAYS going to have problems in life, both big and small, that is just part of life! Why should retirement be any different?

Deal with retirement the way you have dealt with problems while you were raising a family. working, going to school, whatever. If in fact you could work thru and handle problems prior to retirement, use the same tools that you used solving the problems of the past!

Do not put that "retirement mentality cap on", and become a different are the SAME person that that solved problems in the past, but a bit older and wiser......use the past as a tool for the future, learn to solve your "retirement" dilemma using the same skills that you STILL have.....retirement does not change your SKILLS that you have carried throughout your life......master your destiny, or, IT will master you!

by: Sheila / Cambridge ON

You WERE a writer, therefore you still ARE a writer.

Volunteer your talent somewhere, somehow. Folks are waiting to hear from you. So, your book failed? Who cares! You thought it was good and you enjoyed putting the words on paper. You can still do that. I self-publish my writing and get a whole lot of satisfaction out of seeing my work in print, knowing I can leave it for my family to remember me by. If folk don't like it, I don't hear about it.

Write this down and read it aloud every day...

because it's true. You are unique. Who wants to be like everybody else? Just be yourself!

Go out into the world. It's waiting for you!

Change your Mindset...
by: Wendy

Yikes Gina!

Yes, you've had your share of misery over your short retirement. Yes, you've lost your best friend, your mom... that would be my nighmare too.

However -- this is all part of life.

Please Please Please stop listing all the negative things in life. The more your mind dwells on all the bad things that have happened... the more your anxiety (and/or depression) stays with you.

Please Please Please take the time and effort -- TODAY -- and write a new post below this comment. Write a Gratitude Comment here.

Consider all your blessings... (these are only my guesses, you need to consider your own reality and blessings):

--all the years and fun you've had with your mom, since she did live to 86

--that you writing for a career was fun and creative and you can't wait to discover new avenues for your writing,

--that you are grateful that you did have the finances available to fix the two teeth,

--that your finances are in order enough that you don't worry today and you had an IRA to rollover where many don't (and yes, its never easy),

--you have a home to live in, food on the table, a car to drive, what else?

...and now after you finally realized you still have MANY MANY blessings in life....

NOW how do you choose to spend the rest of your retired years? In misery, or following your heart to a new pursuit -- locally, or online and worldwide ?

There is still so much life and love to give.. don't let your miserable brain stamp it all out, before you have started.

Write to me privately if you'd like help getting a new home business online! (Contact me or Coach in the right column).


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