The old ways are still the best ways

by William, HI USA

William, Retired

     I may be able to help you out on your winter days through the ideas out of the Apollo 13 astronauts return flight, and to keep in mind that you really want to be where heat rises. There are places where you can redirect heat without using your furnace.   

     If I lived in an apartment, I probably would have a fan suck the heat out of the attics and into my apartment, but recycling the house temperature considering that the ceiling is warmer than the floor.  I probably would recycle it through places where there heat is used.  It's probably a good idea to use incandescent lighting in the winter, because those light bulbs make both light and heat, and you may want to put a small fan on some lights.  You can redirect the heat for the room, so that it goes under, or into the chairs and beds.     

     Back in the day, people with old style tube radios and tv's did'nt have a heat problem.

Thank You;  William

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