The Packing Fool

by Ricardo

Yes, dear readers, I have become a "packing genius"....I see it, I wrap it, I pack it, I load it. I am considering opening up my own moving company/consulting firm.

I have become an expert in corrugated containers, storage, recycling, packing any and all sizes of "stuff", filling up Suv's until you cannot open the doors without things falling out, and lastly, and probably the most important aspect of this moving process...hiding from my other half so that I do not get "pressed into service" with the activities noted above.....that ALONE is a full time job!

Seriously, We have set the moving date for next Saturday, for anyone that has been following my moving exploits. We are having new carpeting installed tomorrow, and then the painting will be completed next Thursday.

We have made numerous trips with boxes etc. over the last week or so....I kind of feel like a nomad! My wife commented that she felt like "Jed&Granny"....however....I did not strap her to the roof in a rocking chair.....well, not yet anyway!

I should be lounging around the indoor pool in about a week or so with all of this behind me.....of course, there will be no "rest for the wicked", however, my other half will have a bit more difficulty tracking me down.....maybe?

Wendy I simply cannot imagine moving after a lifetime in one home. Scary thought! Might hire you some day! GRIN!

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moving calculator
by: Anonymous

That is a good idea, in any case, be prepared for a relocation. You'll find a lot of useful options thanks to specific websites with moving cost estimated calculators.

Living like a nomad
by: Nina from London

The most difficult bit is over when you finally get on the road! Going through pretty much what you described I moved 4 years ago.

Then once I was in my new place with wall to wall boxes I shuddered. All I could think of was..."More stuff to throw out". It has to do with having a big house with lots of room to store things. Phew!

It's better to travel light like a nomad...if you can imagine Native Americans who every now and then moved their Teepees so that their animals could graze. They travelled light.

This is the thing...when people started to settle in one place they started to accumulate. If you move around a lot you don't want to go through the ordeal of packing and moving objects that are cumbersome.

Just to wish you luck in your new place and best wishes, Nina

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