by Neal
(Colorado Springs, Co.)

In planning a strategy for retirement one of the problems I encountered is not having a complete plan and sticking to that plan.

Never expect everything to go as planned but you must get around any temporary setbacks in a timely fashion. Don’t allow anything to side-tract you. Be sure to concentrate on your dream to prevent getting caught in some kind of dilemma.

The previous statement might seem a bit strange as it would seem so very basic. But getting side-tract will hider your plans. Financial problems or having to full-fill commitments made in haste may very well cause your plans to be altered drastically.

My story starts a long time ago, or it seems so, anyway! Time seems to pass faster as you age and has a tendency to get away from you. I speak from experience.

Four years ago I was fortunately able to visit Ecuador. I loved the country, the people and especially the cost of living. A plan was forming in the back of my mind, but I got side-tract and I have never made it back, because I neglected the plan.

I even went so far off my plan that I wasted two opportunities to get back on the plan but I let a couple of commitments derail them.

Another lesson I learned (the hard way!) is betting on something that isn’t a sure thing. Like an increase in your savings account, for instance.

Health should be considered, also. Even a freak accident can prevent you from fulfilling a part of your plan. Hard to plan for that one and may well necessitate taking a different path to accomplish your goal.

Just don’t let it completely derail you. Rethink your plan of attack, so to speak. Be sure to use the resources available on the internet.

I have another vague plan in mind to get me back to S. America (not necessarily Ecuador) and this “About Me” could very well help me to firm it up in my mind. Barring any more un-for-seen or unavoidable circumstances.

God Bless and good sailing.

Wendy: Neal, you have two choices: Consider what you need to do to move to S. America -- or -- Consider what you need to do to live here in happiness!

Both are quite possible - your mindset is what will make the difference either way. Even if you never make it there, please don't live out life like you lost out... there are so many more opportunities for Life still in your picture!

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