The Rain

by Benita
(Gosnells, Perth, Western Australia)

This rather tall lady, possibly in her early twenties, boarded the plane, sat next to me; simply dressed, in shorts, blouse, and thongs.

In the darkness, all I could hear was the sound of a light snoring. She must have been really tired.

Then a voice came over the speaker “This is your Captain Razali; please fasten your safety belts”. The plane was a buzz; there was the sound of metal clicking together as everyone did up their seatbelts; the red signs above our seats lit up. Continuing his message the Captain said “we are experiencing strong turbulence and will all cabin crew be seated and fasten your safety belts.”

Obeying his instructions they stopped working, sat down and fastened their safety belts. “We are about an hour from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. He weather is approx 29 degrees in Kuala Lumpur and it is raining heavily there. The humidity is high,” he continued.

Sitting by the window, I decided to look out. With my little finger I slowly lifted the little window, but I could not see anything but darkness. The wing of the plane was only just visible. There were flashes of lighting in the sky.

Then I felt the plane rock, I held my breath; the hairs on my arms stood on end. ‘Oh God let us be safe’ the words came out of my mouth in a whisper. Again the plane shook, my fingers gripped the arm of my seat; I began to feel a little sick; closed my eyes and prayed like I never prayed before. “Please please, let us all be safe. Guide the Captain and his co pilot, keep the computers in check. Let us sail through this storm”.

Thanks to the captain and his crew we landed safely in Kuala Lumpur. My prayers were answered.

The Rain was pelting into our faces. Humidity was high. I could hear the loud thunder and the lightening around us. The flowing rain water, illuminated by the lights at the airport, looked like silver sheets under our feet.

Using a magazine over my head, I walked briskly on to the tarmac. Several of the airport ground staff was directing us in. I took off my cardigan, and tied it around my waist then up the escalator to Immigration; followed through all the signs that led to “Baggage Collection.”

“Walls of water” my dad’s expression, came down as I waited for a taxi. Sitting in the back seat with my hand luggage next to me I strained my eyes, to see the scenery outside. The driver told me that it was monsoon months and there would be more rain to come.

Rivers filled up at this time of year and it always overflowed, with flash flooding. Eastern States of Malaysia always experienced this during the monsoon months. They survive the rains every year and have learned to cope.

At the hotel looking out from the window I saw tops of umbrellas bopping up and down as the workers and shoppers hurriedly walked into buildings. The streets were filled with tourists intermingling with the multicultural nationalities. Hawkers and stall holders were not perturbed by the rain. Business was as usual.

In this beautiful part of the world, when the rain falls, lots of tropical bloom appears. Orchids, lantana, bougainvilleas, cannas, hibiscus and many coloured shrubs are some of the beautiful plants that thrive throughout the year with the rain. Majority of the blooms have gone interflora making beautiful bouquets for special occasions.

Games have also been affected with the rain. It can be frustrating and upsetting for players and fans that follow these sports, like tennis, cricket, golf or baseball. Some shows and concerts out in the open have to be cancelled to the disgust of the many fans.

In colder regions rain comes down in the form of hail or snow. Some hail stones are as large as golf balls causing lots of damage. Usually some traffic lights are affected when the rains and winds are strong bringing down power lines.

Snow on the other hand brings the hard labour of trying to dig a path where it is built up. Cars with windscreens covered with snow would need to be hosed down, while others cars are bogged down. But on the good side, it was a time to pick up your skates and go skating on the ice.

But for the children “the Rain” it is just fun. I loved playing in the rain.

Without the Rain there would be no water in the dams. Many countries become drought stricken. The weather would be soaring and it would be welcomed in the desert lands. The Amazon River basin has the typical hot wet climate suitable for the growth of rain forests. Guinea, Solomon Islands and Sierra Leone are the top three in order of maximum rainfall received in an average year. In Europe the wettest countries are Slovenia, Italy and Germany.

After I had a long and wonderful holiday and meeting the family again, it was time for goodbyes.

After I thanked everyone I then got into the taxi with my bags. There was such a lot of reminiscing in the short time. The good food I missed so much and the shopping around. After checking my bags at the airport I preceded to immigration, went through transit and the long walk back on the tarmac towards the plane.

This time the skies were clear and sunny. No rain in sight. Humidity was high. Up the flight of stairs, the stewardess waited to greet us. It was sad to leave my folks behind but I was glad to be returning home to my family.

Back in Perth, I love sitting indoors when the rain are here. When it rains plants grow, the air is fresh and farmers are happy. Rain enriches the land giving them a good harvest.

Now rugged up and warm, sitting by fire in my lounge, I feel lucky to be enjoying the many comforts of life. At night when I am tucked under my blankets and cuddling my pillows, the sound of rain sends me into a world of dreams, I don’t want to wake.

Copywriter: Benita Peters. May 20th 2012

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by: I.G.Buenaseda


Beautifully written in simple, everyday language! Indeed, the rain refreshes nature and create that misty atmosphere conducive to meditation or writing poems...I enjoy listening to the falling rain, the monotonous peter pater among the leaves send me to a peaceful sleep. I like the gentle touch of the drizzle on my face.

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