The Times They Are A Changing

by Phillip Charles DeNise

** Posted originally in the Retirement Community **

Back in my PC (Personal Computer) days, I took out my microphone (included with my $700 Gateway; more on this later), plugged it in & started playing around.

I quickly created an audio file with it; no more need for a tape recorder. Before very long, I had entered my Mom's long-distance phone number into the dialer, and was talking to her on the phone (pre-SKYPE days; the year was 2000); no more need for a telephone handset.

I slowly began to realize that I didn't need a dictionary, a thesaurus or an encyclopedia set any longer, and began consciously to try and break all those antiquated old habits; today I have Pandora (no more radio needed), and have successfully broken many of those annoying habits. What will come next?

My roommate and I went into the Gateway Store, decided that, since we were splitting the cost right down the middle, we could afford several upgrades on offer & I even opened a Gateway Credit Account which allowed for monthly payments over time on the $700 total purchase price.

Billy & I left the store with three boxes full of brand new hardware, and had offered no cash in the exchange; the new equipment replaced Billy's old McIntosh laptop I had been learning on, & when the whole thing was set up and connected to the hub a third roommate provided, so we could use his superfast cable internet connection, we were blown away by the difference it had made.

A couple of more years down the road, after having paid off my Gateway Credit Card, and moved across the street, I paid Billy his $350 back, at a time when the 'aging' PC was no longer worth even that much. Billy was very happy to get that deal, as he was fighting his internet addiction & had just lost the rent subsidies from his old roomy.

You also can do without film cannisters, photo albums & 1-hour photo processing; do pretty well without postage stamps, stationery & perhaps pen and pencil; no more coupons, take-out menus or those printed S & P (Standard and Poor's) Guides that arrived in the mail every 90 days. The times... they have changed pretty radically.

I'm contemplating the purchase of a digital camera, so I can better share my domestic circumstances with other online seniors. Has anybody been shopping in STAPLES recently?

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by: John Rodman

All around me, here in ALBANY, the 'dead-heads' are struggling to keep the screen on their device where they can see it, while they try pitifully to do what pre-ANDROID people used to do using both hands!

In the hospital cafeteria, a young doctor sits down to consume quickly his fast-food repast; before involving himself with the life-giving calories, he must first situate both his devices where the food & stuff will not block his view.

I have a drawerfull of charger-cords I pick up off the sidewalks; the first baby to be born with three hands will surely be born down here... NO?

by: Phillip DeNise down in Albany, GA

so much change in the technology combined with all this clicking on our high-speed web transporter devices has made our nostalgia horizons creep closer.

It was only 1992, when I began using my mouseless PC, & GUI's were just shell programs masking the DOS code you were using; try googling University of Michigan's ARCHIE & VERONICA programs, which were state of the art internet search routines.

Times really have changed
by: Ned

It is almost scary on how many things have changed in our life time - and we were in awe of those who preceed us!

This Rocks!
by: Wendy

Love your technology journey...

Many of us have done quite the same. Many others, I'd bet, are way behind you still...

Curious to see the comments you get!

Thanks Phillip!

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