There's Gold at the Foot of the Rainbow

by Bernard Kelly
(Geelong, Australia)


It's in my makeup to keep looking for something worthwhile, a role that will allow me to meet people on a continuous basis, and generate some additional income along the way.

And maybe this time I have struck gold!

I've always been an entrepreneur, but most recently - when I was a realtor in my own practice (assisting couples in late career to acquire investment properties) - that market evaporated so I had to look for something new.

I recall that looked at a debt collection agency, a franchise for electric motor bikes, and actually got underway with project management for self publishing authors. But there was so little activity that I decided on add another "profitable hobby". I looked at being a finance broker, but my age cohort - and my contact network - precludes me from knowing a whole bunch of young families looking for mortgage finance.

Along the way, I created a social contact network - Wisdom Mentors. We attract home-based business owners who similarly need a contact support network.

But most recently I have created an online school - Retirement Lifestyle Academy - and am soon to launch my first lecture series "Too Young To Retire". This is me exactly, and I know that I have something significant to offer.

And my research has unearthed why I'm always on the search for an additional income stream. It's all in the psychology of my individual personality, but it applies to virtually anyone who has had a lifelong career in paid employment, and now wants to find a satisfying retirement.

I'm quite happy to share with you the mini series of the ultimate course. There are ten chapters, with pictures, and the word count is 4,000+. In exchange I would like to know "what should be added? what should be deleted?"

Send me an email to bernardkellygeelong @

But I should stress that there is no money in this - I don't want any from you, and I'm not going to send any to you. I'm purely looking for comment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bernard Kelly

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