Think -- Feel Blessed if you have Health

by June

So many of us lament our sadness and loneliness and lethargic days since retirement.

Most of us have had those days but think.

If you have your health or aren’t overtly dying you, me, us, we are fortunate and ahead of the game.

My younger sister retired and right after, found out she has stomach cancer. Her retirement has been one chemo treatment after the other, one infection after the other due to the chemo destroying her ability to fight off any infection, virus or bacteria.

Every time I start to feel sad for myself for any reason I think of what she is going through and am ashamed of any self pity I have for me, who is pretty healthy.

I can go on a trip. I can go visit friends. I can eat what I want and work like a fiend in my garden. She can’t.

So when you are feeling sad about not working --feel blessed if you have health, for without it you really have something to feel sad about!

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The Grace of Good Health
by: Mark in Maryland

So very, very true! Soon to enter my 9th year of retirement, after surviving three heart attacks and a quadruple bypass, I often begin each new and wonderful day by repeating to myself, "I appreciate the grace of this moment."

I believe I once read that Michael J. Fox has claim to the original ritual, which is remarkable since he has been living with Parkinson's since the age of 29.

I too feel sorry for myself sometimes, most often when overcome by boredom, which is entirely in my control.

So if you are still upright and reasonably healthy, get out there and enjoy every drop of sunshine you can.

Someone with far more wisdom than I once opined that he thought one's life should be shortened by the exact number of beautiful days one fails to enjoy. Amen to that!

Good Health
by: Anonymous

You are so right! It is indeed a blessing to be retired and in relatively good health… I personally do not take it for granted.

I have a few aches/pains just like anyone my age but I know that I am fortunate because I can walk every morning, travel, visit friends and basically eat whatever I want. I have friends who are retired and cannot do those things.

I am slower than I was 30 years ago…I can accept that because if you are blessed to live long enough it will happen to all of us.

I choose to enjoy my retirement and I hope others will enjoy theirs as well!

A great reminder
by: Anonymous

It's a great reminder for us all. I am so sorry for those who are ill. My motto has always been "Thank heavens for small worries" because they can always be bigger!

Don't feel ashamed and maintain your own health
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!

Don't feel ashamed if you feel down. You don't have to punish yourself because of your sister's illness.

It is stressful to see a relative have an illness. Being there for your sister during this time will be such a gift to her. See her as often as you can.

I am sure that your presence will bring her much comfort during this difficult time.

And, remember to take care of yourself so that you can maintain your health. It is what your sister would ask of you.

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